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Blackarachnia is a Decepticon warrior and a secondary villain in the Transformers franchise. Partly organic, Blackarachnia is a former Autobot with powers of seduction and assassination. She is a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Fall to an Energy Vampire

Blackarachnia guards Megatron's main computer for her alliance. NOS-4-A2, a deadly energy vampire working for Emperor Zurg, infiltrates the base and attacks Blackarachnia with a flurry of energy bolts. Blackarachnia dodges the blast and strikes down NOS-4-A2 with a laser. Though her shot causes some damage, it is not enough to stop NOS-4-A2. The vampire recovers and unleashes a massive sonic blast, causing Blackarachnia's systems to go haywire. While Blackarachnia is unable to do anything, NOS-4-A2 begins eating parts of her body.


Blackarachnia is captured but is freed by Megatron later in the war. She attacks NOS-4-A2 during the Battle of Planet Z, this time knocking her opponent unconscious with a massive blast of energy. But Gravitina electrocutes Blackarachnia and blasts her into the cosmos.

Blackarachnia in the universe CGI

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