Black Triangles
The Black Triangles are the primary antagonists of the musical short, Symphony Number Five, segment to Fantasia 2000. Pure creatures of darkness, the Black Triangles' purpose is to take over the skies, in a void of darkness, in a scheme to take over the world, altough their scheme is foiled by their opposal enemies, the Colorful Triangles. The Black Triangles are minor players in the final events of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Vs Heroes Villains War

Demise on Bald Mountain

Summoned by Maleficent, the Black Triangles begin to unleash chaos in the mortal world, along with many dark creatures of the night. When Chernabog sics his demon army on the heroes, the Black Triangles are featured as part of Chernabog's army. At first, the Black Triangles charge at Kenai and Laverne, passing through of them, without harming them. When Ray attempts to hurl himself at the battle, one Black Triangle cuts his road and sends him back. After the Spring Sprite awakens the Colorful Triangles to aid the heroes, the Black Triangles attempt to stop them, too late for them, as the Colorful Triangles magnet the Black Triangles into an energy mass, with the Colorful Triangles creating a parallel form of the sun inside of the mass. Before the Black Triangles could escape, Mickey Mouse uses the combined powers of the Colorful Triangles, to shatter the Black Triangles. The Black Triangles are obliterated in the powerful light of the Colorful Triangles.

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