Black Mask

Black Mask (real name Roman Sionis) is a brutal gang boss and enemy of Batman, first appearing in DC Comics' Batman #386. Wearing a skull-like mask carved from the wood of his father's coffin, Black Mask is known for his expertise in torture and is one of Batman's more dangerous enemies. He appears in Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War facing off against some of animation's greatest villains in a battle for dominance.

Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War

First Humiliation

Black Mask appears in the fifth match of the first round in the middle of an arms deal before he is interrupted by Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan, two hitmen sent by his underworld rival the Penguin to assassinate him. Black Mask shoots at Torchwick with one of his guns, only for Neopolitan to parry his attacks. Torchwick and his partner-in-crime then proceed to beat down Mask's henchmen one by one, before they turn their sights on Mask himself. Torchwick manages to shoot an incendiary round into Mask's face, burning Mask's skull mask onto his skin. As the two hitmen flee with Mask's money, Mask takes the opportunity to escape.

Second Humiliation

Bittered by his defeat, Black Mask hires the assassin Deathstroke, and sends him on a mission to kill Roman Torchwick. The assassin in question, fails, as the crime lord manages to escape, infuriating Black Mask even more.

DC Vs Marvel Villains War

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