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Black Adam is a super-hero, represented either as a malevolent or anti-heroic force in the DC universe, first appearing in the Marvel Family #1 comic. Originally scripted as the evil counterpart of Captain Marvel, Black Adam is an Egyptian prince, who was bestowed magical powers by the wizard, Shazam. He survives through the modern era, where he would create and expand the Black Marvel Family, and protect them from any force that it would threaten them. He has also been a member to various organizations, including the Justice Society, the Injustice Society, the Secret Society of Villains, the Suicide Squad, and the Monster Evil Society. He is also a major competitor in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, with the Justice League Action's footage being used to represent the character's involvement in the war.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Fall to a Wizard

Black Adam enters the city of Baghdad, on purpose to steal the three golden balls, that protect the Golden Land. However, he is anticipated by Zigzag, the city's chief advisor and wizard, provoking the super-hero to take the golden balls by force. Zigzag blasts his foe with lightning bolts, only for Adam to parry his attacks. Black Adam then waits for the wizard to break his guard, allowing him to summon a magical sphere, that evaporate Zigzag's illusions. He then stuns the wizard, with some powerful blasts. Beaten severely, Zigzag uses a whip to stop his foe's attacks, while at the same time he uses all of his might, to knock Adam into some of the city's walls, weakening him. He then crafts a portal and blasts Adam into it, sucking him to another section of the world.

After the end of the battle, Black Adam is found by the Greek god, Ares. He takes pity on him after his previous humiliation. Seeing potential in him, Ares then sends Adam on a mission in finding the Book of Peace, a magical tool needed for the villains, promising him that he would find the chance to redeem himself.

Nevertheless, Ares obtains the Book of Peace, on his own, leading Eris, Ares' superior, to set in motion her next plan, to dispose of Zeus. She manages to lead an all assault on Mount Olympus, overwhelming and destroying Zeus, in the process. After Zeus' defeat, Eris and Ares secure the control of Olympus to Black Adam.

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DC Vs Marvel Villains War

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Disney Vs DC Villains War