Bill the Butcher

"On my challenge... by the ancient laws of combat, we have met on this chosen ground... to settle for good and all... who hold sway over the Five Points. Us natives, born rightwise to this fine land... or the foreign hordes defiling it. ...Then may the Christian Lord guide my hand! Against your Roman popery!

--- Bill's battle speech

"Thank God... I die a true American"

--- Bill's last words

William Bill "The Butcher" Cutting is the main antagonist of the film Gangs of New York. Bill is an extremely violent and dangerous native member and leader of the Bowery Boys gang. Bill the Butcher is based on the real life gang member William Poole and is played by Daniel Day Lewis. == For many outside the United States, the shores of America represent opportunity and freedom. For William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting, an American mobster of Irish descent, foreigners entering the USA are unwelcomed guests and are ought to be exterminated by the rightful owner of the place. As a "Nativist," Cutting - portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis in an Oscar nominated performance - controlled the Five Points section of New York with an iron fist, and personally led a number of New York's worst Irish-American gangs into battle against their Irish counterparts, led by Priest Vallon (Liam Neeson). Fighting by the rules of the streets, the Priest would die and the Natives would win.Biography==

Every year on the anniversary of the battle, The Butcher would celebrate this victory and invite a selected few. Many years later, the tradition would continue, and one mysterious young man would appear and hope for an invitation of his own. His name was Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) and he was the Preist's son, hell-bent on revenge.

Skills and Attributes

Since Bill was a butcher, he had culinary and weaponry skills. Having one eye had not messed up his vision and had perfect aim such as hurling a knife at a photo of Abraham Lincoln and throwing his meat cleaver into Monk McGinn's back, both from good distances. He had no interest in pistols, only hand-to-hand combat and favoribly used his butcher tools such as knives and axes.


  • His left eye is fake. Bill cut out the real one after being defeated by Priest Vallon. He felt ashamed that he couldn't look Vallon in the eye.
  • He shows a softer side when Amsterdam comes along to provide him with the son he never had.
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