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Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon from the second dimension and is the primary antagonist of the popular Disney show Gravity Falls. Mysterious and a master of lurking behind the scenes, Bill has a sadistic sense of humor and proudly enjoys chaos and destruction for his own entertainment. He exists primarily in he mindscape, but can easily alter reality to his whim when summoned and posses a body to interact with the physical realm. He longs to eventually gain a physical form through an interdimensional rift and rule all of reality and existence as his way of "liberating." He is currently a major villain in the third Disney Villains War and eventually the second Disney Heroes vs Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Losing a Match

Bill Cipher is summoned by Gideon to assist him in the battle against the Huntsclan. Despite that he manages to transform the Huntsman into a more young form of himself, and even more humiliates him, by having Gideon throwing him across the room, the rest members of the Huntsclan stand up against the demon's power. Cipher then disarms the weapons of two members of the Huntsclan. However, he is caught off guard, when the Huntsgirl impales him through the chest, losing his power over the Huntsman, returning him to normal form. Before the Huntsman would blow the final strike, Bill Cipher, along with Gideon, transport to parts unknown.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Lich and Aku

Acting on his intentions, Aku launched an attack on the Lich’s lair, where the creature was plotting with his acolytes (two chaotic spirits known as Mirage and Bill Cipher), and openly challenged him. The Lich accepted Aku’s challenge, and the two dueled for supremacy. Although Aku’s power was great, it was no match for the Lich, who quickly gained the upper hand and severely damaged Aku’s body. However, as the two were dueling, Bill Cipher’s treacherous nature began to manifest, as the acolyte saw an opportunity to betray his master and seize power for himself. As the Lich prepared to finsh Aku off, Bill attacked from behind, briefly paralyzing him with magic. Although the Lich was only stunned for a moment, that was long enough for Aku, who completely obliterated the Lich’s body with several thrown fireballs. Impressed, Mirage decided to join Bill, as the two turned on Aku, double-teaming him before he even had the chance to celebrate his victory. The two bombarded Aku with blasts of magic, seemingly destroying him. Recognizing that the Lich was so powerful that the destruction of his body would only be a temporary solution, Bill convinced Mirage to combine their powers and cast a spell that would keep the Lich from ever returning, as long as they were alive to maintain the spell. Now free to do as they pleased, the two went their separate ways. Unbeknownst to them, a piece of Aku's essence survived, and, after floating in space for several hundred eons, landed on Earth.

Vs Discord

Elsewhere, Bill Cipher heard of another creature named Discord, who had recently conquered the realm of Equestria. Fearing that the creature of chaos may be growing even more powerful than him, Bill set out to eliminate Discord. Travelling to Equestria, Bill challenged Discord to a duel. Believing that the small triangular creature would be easy to defeat, Discord accepted. Even though Bill grew to enormous size, Discord initially took the upper hand, nearly banishing Bill back to his own dimension. However, Bill managed to recover just in time, and revealed his true power, turning a terrified Discord to stone.

Ploting his scheme

All the while, Bill Cipher observed the conflicts taking place across the globe. Realizing a war was on the horizon, Bill began plotting his master scheme.

Vs Jack-O Lantern

Meanwhile, Bill Cipher, beginning the next phase of his plan, opened a portal into his home dimension, summoning two beings, Nergal and Jack O’Lantern. Bill had hoped to recruit them as henchmen in his schemes. Unfortunately, although Nergal seemed cooperative enough, Jack O'Lantern had his own plans, and intended on eliminating Bill and taking his place. Using a magic scythe, Jack summoned an army of pumpkin creatures, ordering them to destroy Cipher. Unimpressed, Bill easily obliterated Jack's minions, terrifying the pumpkin. Bill then banished Jack back to his own dimension, never to be seen again. Impressed by Bill's power, Nergal agreed to work with him, much to Bill's glee.

His faction

Bill Cipher and Nergal continued watching the events of the war unfold from afar, all the while making plans to bring about their ultimate endgame: a cataclysmic event they called "Weirdmaggedon." In the interest of making these plans a reality, Bill decided to hire the services of Vlad Plasmius, bring him into their faction.

Putting his plan in motion

Nergal introduces Bill Cipher to a new ally, the Boogeyman. Having been forced to put his plans on hold after the loss of the rift to Aku, Bill Cipher orders Vlad Plasmius to run for mayor of the town of Gravity Falls, hoping to claim it as their new base of operations. Bill Cipher arrives in China, retrieving Shendu’s stone body for his own purposes.Wanting to send a message to the world and put an end to Aku's interference in his plans, Bill Cipher enlists the aid of Nergal to summon and take control of an ancient evil entity and send him to destroy their rivals.

Deciding that the time has come for him to bring about Weirdmaggedon, Bill Cipher sends Nergal and Vlad Plasmius to steal the inter-dimensional rift back from Aku. Finally, Vlad Plasmius delivers the rift to Bill, who immediately shatters it, opening a gateway to his dimension and allowing him to summon his army into our world.

His quest for global domination

Having brought his army into this dimension, Bill Cipher seeks to unleash them on the world. However, before he can do so, he finds that Aku has put a barrier around Gravity Falls, trapping his entire army within it’s borders.While wandering through the chaos of Weirdmaggedon, Vlad Plasmius comes across a certain monster that was banished by Aku, who, thanks to Bill’s cataclysm, is free to wreak havoc once more.

Prepared for the final battle

Gathering his vast army together, Bill Cipher prepares to escape the barrier and spread Weirdmaggedon across the world, but not before giving Cathulu an upgrade...

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Bill Cipher is set to return in the second part of the war, along with many cast members.

Maleficent Forces Vs Bill Forces

As the time of Weirdmageddon approached, when the gate between his dimension and the Oregon town of Gravity Falls finally became an apocalyptic reality, Bill began forming an alliance of like-minded chaos lovers to join him in turning the world into their own personal playground. The influence of this long-awaited end of existence would become a threat to an alliance led by Hades and Maleficent as predicted by The Fates and also cause Captain Hook and his pirates, as well as Pain and Panic to fall under his possession and violently betray their forces. Alongside Mad Madam Mim, The Horned King and the newly joined traitors, Bill finds out from his messenger friend the Cheshire Cat that he is going to be attacked by the opposing group of villains, angrily, he decides to end them painfully so he can carry out his fun.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

His Plan

Meanwhile,Bill Chiper saw a lot growing their armies, so he decide to put his plan on action.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Ursula

Bill Chiper arrive under the sea to kill an old foe of his, but it will harder for him cause of Ursula's trident.


Bill saw a lot of villains rising in this war, only to find out that his plan might be more difficult that he though.

Vs Demongo

Aku send Demongo to kill Bill Chiper before he could be a threat for Fire Nation. Demongo tried his best to defeat Bil, but he decide to finally killed him in front of Aku.

His faction

Bill Chiper and Lex Luthor are greeted by Hawkmoth and Nergal who are eager to join in their faction.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Light Yagami

On Bald Mountain, Chernabog meets Bill Cipher, who wants to propose an alliance to the demon to give life to their reign of chaos. Chernabog will only accept if Bill passes a test imposed by him to prove his loyalty. The test consists in bringing to the Bald Mountain the soul of the human being whose name is Kira or Light Yagami. Will Bill Cipher be able to pass the Chernabog test?

In Chernabog's faction

Bill Cipher brings Light Yagami's soul to Chernabog as confirmation that the test has passed. The demon used the boy's soul to revive a new and terrible ally: Number 96. Then Chernabog informs his allies that soon they will have to face the only adversary capable of hindering their reign of chaos: the terrible. Naga.

Deal with a hunter

Bill Cipher and Number 96 find Elmer's soul on Bald Mountain. The triangular creature offers the bald hunter the chance to come back to life and gain new powers as long as he manages to kill the one who previously eliminated him, namely Scar. Taddeo accepts Bill's proposal.

Prepared for the final battle

Bill Cipher was disappointed with Fudd's failure, but now is not the time to blame the dead. Chernabog's alliance will have to prepare for the decisive battle against Naga's.

Vs Naga Forces

Finally for Chernabog, Bill Cipher and Number 96 the big day has arrived. The decisive battle against Naga, The Horned King and Virus Groudon has begun. The victors of this battle will have total control over chaos, the universe and the underworld. Who will win?

Reign of Darkness

After the victory over Naga, their reign of chaos begins for Chernabog, Bill Cipher and Number 96. A realm of which only they dictate the rules and which they can modify as they like.

Villains Battles

Vs Radammanthys

Hades and Maleficent decide to test Radamanthys' strength by taking out a threat that will join forces with Chernabog. His target? Bill Cipher.

Joining Chernabog

Meanwhile, Bill Cipher pays a visit to Chernabog with the idea of join forces with the reason to kill Maleficent and Hades. Happy about this, he enlists the help of allies recruited by the triangular demon. The allies are: The Horned King, Mad Madame Mim and the Army of the Dead.

Freeing Omega

At the Bald Mountain, Chernabog and his allies heard about Raditz slaughtered by Kakaroth, Cancer and Fish. So they decide to give birth to a monster named Omega Shenron, who is willing to serve the demon in taking out Maleficent and Hades once and for all.

Vs Arles of Gemini

Seeking to recruit villains to help Chernabog's alliance in taking out Maleficent and Hades, Bill Cipher decided to forge an alliance with Arles of Gemini. However, the knight isn't willing to help Chernabog, nor Maleficent and Hades. So the triangular demon decides to take him out.

Battle of the Bald Mountain

While the Titans are climbing to the Bald Mountain, Chernabog is worried about Hades and Maleficent's alliance is gonna win. However, Omega Shenron, Bill Cipher and The Horned King calm him down by telling him if they are going to lose, they will work together once again.

The fight between Chernabog and some of his allies and Maleficent, Hades and some of their allies has begun to declare who is gonna rule the Underworld. Will Maleficent get her revenge or Chernabog will prove to be more prepared than the mistress of all evil and the god of death?

Villains Battles 3

Revived by Alastor

Alastor revives a fallen ally of Chernabog much to Babidi's surprise.

Disney Vs DC Villains War


Meanwhile, Dr. Facilier and Gideon succeeded in summoning a powerful demon to aid them. As Facilier proposes an alliance with Bill Cipher, he accepts. Much to the joy of Gideon and the mysterious benefactor.

Freeing his crew

Thanks to the Friends on the Other Side, Dr. Facilier and Bill Cipher release new allies to aid the mysterious benefactor in taking down DC Hades.

Vs Eris and Maxie Zeus

The mysterious benefactor orders Bill to take out two allies of DC Hades: Eris and Maxie Zeus, who are plotting to kill Dr. Facilier to weaken the benefactor's faction. Will at least one of them survive against the demon?

Teaming with Prince Phobos

Meanwhile, the mysterious benefactor compliments Bill for his success in taking out Eris, only to be interrupted by Prince Phobos, who wants to forge an alliance with them to get Meridan back from Morgaine. They accept and welcome him with open arms.

Plan to free Chernabog

On behalf of Maleficent, Bill Copher recruits two new allies that may also help him on his secret plot: summon his master.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

All-Star Villains Tournament

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War