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Bernttson is a secondary antagonist of 1981 swedish animated movie Peter No-Tail, Bernttson is an aggressive bulldog appearing through the movie, and heavily involved in the film's climax, where the bulldog chases off Mean Max and his minions. Bernttson has a small role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

From Hunter to Hunted

Bernttson is sleeping on his doghouse when he wakes up to the noise made by young boy Daisuke and his pup Gin. Bloodthirsty bulldog decides to follow them. Daisuke and Gin have already left to look for the Killer Panther roaming the area when bulldog reaches the river. It still spots the duo and keeps following them. In the middle of the forest Daisuke and Gin suddenly sense something, when they finally notice the monstrous bulldog. The duo starts running away from the aggressive bulldog, trying to get into a nearby cave for safety. However cave is inhabitated by the very panther two were looking for, as Bernttson stops in the sight of the panther. Bernttson ends up attacking the panther himself, knocking Daisuke behind a log on his way. It bites the Panther on the leg, distracting it from attacking Gin. Panther swipes Bernttson with it's claw, causing damage to his eyes. Panther and Bernttson charge at eachother again, but Bernttson's damaged eyes give Panther opportunity to swipe the bulldog's face with it's strong claws. Panther then swipes the fallen Bulldog twice and eats a bite off it, as Daisuke watches in horror. Due to Bulldog filling it's appetite, Panther ends up leaving the two alone.

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