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Bendy, and his possible physical form "Bendy", is the titular main antagonist in the 2017 horror videogame Bendy and the Ink Machine and the titular main protagonist in the upcoming mobile spinoff videogame Bendy in Nightmare Run. A cartoon devil created by Joey Drew and Henry for their cartoon, Bendy was then brought to life susceptible by the Ink Machine Meanwhile, "Bendy" is a malformed ink humanoid version of Bendy, thought to be made by the Ink Machine.

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Bendy is a demonic entity that took shape through an ink machine outside the cartoon island, being created by a demonic being of greater power who along with Bendy arrived on the island when it was in its early days of creation, being accompanied by the Devil who already became a good associate of the mysterious evil entity that created Bendy, the three formed the Triumvirate of Terror, coming from the same hell, Bendy along with his associate in the form of a cartoon bear and the Devil, plunged the island into chaos and eternal nightmares for the residents of the Inkwell Isle, even these between the diabolical bear and Bendy created the multiple monsters that tormented the cartoon island. Not even the greatest heroes on the island could stand against them and their evil legions ... but peace came when King Morpheus appeared sending the three demons to hell again, causing peace to return to the island temporarily, yet Bendy was I remain in hell since his companions would manage to return on all the Devil.

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