Ben Buzzard is the main villain of the Disney's animated short, The Flying Jalopy. Based on the actual character from the Woody Woodpecker's series, Ben Buzzard plays a minor role in the second Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 2

Spending his career life as an air plane saleman, Ben Buzzard comes across the smuggler pirate, Don Karnage, who makes a deal with the bird, by using his air-planes. When Karnage refuses to pay Buzzard's services, Ben Buzzard vows revenge. Soon enough, he manages to dispatch many of Karnage's henchmen, though at the cost of his planes. However, Don Carnage gives pursuit, forcing Buzzard to run for his dear life. Confused and perplexed in the skies, Ben Buzzard runs afoul right into Karnage's ship, crushing his air plane. In the ensuing collision, Buzzard loses his consciousness and falls to his apparent demise.

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