Belladonna is the main antagonist in All Dogs Go To Heaven television series, and by extended in the animated movie, An All Dogs Christmas Carol. While opposed to her counterpart Annabelle, who is angelic and wise angel, Belladonna is a demonic, cruel and dominant demon, desiring for ruling the world. She plays a major role in the Heroes vs. Villains tournament.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Assemblance Of The Seven Demons

In that tournament, Belladonna is one of the demons summoned by the Black God, Chernabog, along with the Emperor of the Night, the Nightmare King, Red and B.L. Zebub, to discuss about the elimination of all heroes and the rise of all the villains, including themselves. However, the spirit of Hexxus was absent from that meeting, preventing them for their next dark motives. Fortunately, a group of mortals free the smoked spirit from it's imprisonment, ready to put their masterplan into action

A Weakness Revealed

As part of their plan, Hexxus, the Firebird, ErisMaleficentthe Horned King, and their forces spread chaos in the universe by killing many heroes and innocent people. The demons then are seen celebrating for the downfall of the heroes. However, the Emperor of Night explains to his allies, that despite their triumph over the heroes, there is one obstacle in their plans, the hero Moses, furthermore frustrating the demons.

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