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Beetlejuice is a prominent villainous force in the film, Beetlejuice. A demon who scares for hire, Beetlejuice is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Clown Killer

Beetlejuice tracks down Pennywise while the latter is threatening to eat a child. Beetlejuice, who still has use for the child, tells Pennywise to stop. Pennywise tries to scare Beetlejuice, but Beetlejuice remains unfrightened. He uses some of his magic to begin melting Pennywise's face. While Pennywise reels in agony, Beetlejuice hurls silver at him, further damaging him. Beetlejuice laughs as Pennywise retreats into the sewers, never to be seen again.


Beetlejuice joins up with a small group of ghouls intent upon world domination: Freddy Krueger, the Creeper, and the Djinn.


Movies Villains War

Vs Dorian Tyrell

The gangster Dorian Tyrell updated his boss, Patrick Bateman, on the success of his nightclub, the Coco Bongo. However, the ghost Beetlejuice, seeing one of the beautiful dancers working at the club in the newspaper, quickly became interested in her and set out to make her his bride. At the Coco Bongo, as the dancer, Tina, was performing, Beetlejuice suddenly appeared and began dancing with her. Although Tina seemed to be attracted to the ghost, Tyrell was particularly angered by his intrusion and vowed to kill him for it. As Beetlejuice began making out with Tina, Tyrell's goons interrupted them by shooting at him. As Tina fled, Tyrell stepped up and began threatening the ghost, only for Beetlejuice to respond with his characteristic sarcasm. Having had enough, Tyrell ordered his thugs to kill Beetlejuice, but the ghost frightened them away with his terrifying face. Frustrated, Tyrell himself held Beetlejuice at gunpoint, but Beetlejuice used his magic to send him flying across the room, knocking him out. Tyrell, however, quickly regained consciousness, only for Beetlejuice to whack him across the face with a golf club. Tyrell got up and attempted to kill Beetlejuice with a knife, but the ghost merely knocked him into the fountain. Beetlejuice then proceeded to drain the fountain, flushing Tyrell down the drain.

Beetlejuice in the universe live action

Villains War (Adrian C)

Teaming with Pennywise

2 Funny Villains Team Up.