Bruce Wayne (as Batman) in the animated universe.

Bruce Wayne, commonly known as the Batman, is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, first appearing in Detective Comics #27; he has also appeared in numerous TV series and films, most notably the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. The son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce dedicated his life to fighting crime in Gotham City after his parents were shot in front of him by a mugger when he was a child. Training himself physically and intellectually and adopting a bat-inspired costume, Bruce spends his life patrolling the dark alleys of Gotham as a costumed vigilante, striking fear into the hearts of criminals with his costume and psychological warfare tactics. While not possessing any superhuman powers, Bruce relies upon his genius intellect and martial arts skills to best his enemies. Throughout the course of his adventures, Bruce has battled many dangerous foes like the maniacal Joker, devious crime boss Penguin, former distinct attorney turned criminal Two-Face, and the scheming Bane, though he has had assistance from allies, including the police commissioner Jim Gordon, the Boy Wonder Robin, and the cat burglar Catwoman, who has both helped and hindered Batman over the years. He appears in Disney vs. Comics as one of the more prominent heroes who lead the battle against the villains.

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Bruce Wayne (as Batman) in the live-action universe.

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