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"Ratigan, so help me, I'll see you behind bars yet!"

Basil of Baker Street is a famed mouse detective who learned his skills by watching the most famous detective of all, Sherlock Holmes, whose house he lives in. Although he can come across as arrogant and obsessive, his devotion to justice is never in question. He leads the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice on their quest to bring down his archnemesis, Professor Ratigan, in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War

League of Extraordinary Gentlemice

In London, Bernard and Bianca responded to a summons by the detective Basil of Baker Street to join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, an international team including the Australian kangaroo rat Jake, the French Jaq, Gus, and Roquefort, and the American circus mouse Timothy. Basil revealed that all the rodents had had an encounter with Professor Ratigan, and he was determined to bring the criminal professor to justice with their aid.

Vs Lucifer

From the League's individual stories of their encounters with Ratigan (though Timothy stayed mum on the subject), Basil deduced that the professor was hiding in Lady Tremaine's manor in France. Infiltrating the estate, the mice found it guarded by Tremaine's pet cat, Lucifer. The cat appeared to be asleep, so the League tried to sneak past and search for Ratigan, but without warning, Lucifer awoke and trapped Gus under a bowl. Jake immediately rushed in to help Gus, but was kept at bay by Lucifer's claws. Timothy stepped in and got Lucifer's attention, giving Jake the opportunity to kick a nearby broom down onto the cat's head. Roquefort tried to assist, but he was tripped on a curtain. Lucifer moved in for the kill, but Basil called his bloodhound Toby in, frightening Lucifer. The mice climbed aboard Toby, who managed to chase Lucifer out the tower window. The League had no chance to celebrate their first victory, however, as they spotted Ratigan, alerted by the noise, escaping in his zeppelin. Basil sulked over the fact that his mortal enemy had escaped, and the mice departed aboard Orville empty-handed.

A new case

As the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice arrived in Hawaii, they were met by the young Lilo Pelekai, who explained that her dog Stitch had been kidnapped and taken into the sewers. Suspecting Ratigan was the culprit, Basil began trying to track Stitch down.Basil and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice investigated the sewers beneath Hawaii while searching for the missing Stitch. Lilo had followed the mice and noticed a large crib in the sewers where she thought she saw Stitch being restrained. However, as she looked closer, she found it was actually Fidget, who had somehow survived being thrown off Ratigan's zeppelin in London. Ratigan himself suddenly appeared, subduing the League and capturing all of them.

Vs Ratigan

Back in Hawaii, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice regained consciousness to find themselves prisoners of Ratigan, who had organized Stitch's kidnapping as a trap to draw the League to him. He also revealed that Stitch was not a dog at all but an alien lifeform, saying that someone had asked him to capture Lilo in exchange for an unspecified favor. While Ratigan threatened Lilo, Basil took advantage of his distraction to shoot the restraints holding Stitch, allowing the alien to attack Ratigan. Stitch threw a vase at Ratigan, but he ducked under the projectile and smacked Stitch away. Ratigan then threatened to kill Lilo if anyone attacked him again, but Bianca called him a rat, angering him and distracting him long enough for Stitch to throw another projectile at the criminal, allowing Lilo to escape. Basil and the League rallied and attacked Ratigan's thugs, with Gus managing to beat Fidget senseless. However, Ratigan knocked his attackers aside and escaped in the confusion.

Vs Lucifer and Felicia

Following Ratigan's trail, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice found themselves at the Horned King's citadel, only to walk into another trap left by Ratigan. The mice found Lucifer waiting for them, but as they tried to evade their old enemy, they found he had back-up in the forms of Ratigan's pet Felicia and Lucifer's mate Pom-Pom. Pom-Pom leapt at Dumbo, stunning him as Lucifer knocked Basil down with a stamp of his paw. As Lucifer and Pom-Pom closed in on the mice, Jaq threw a button at Lucifer's nose, angering him. All three cats surrounded the League, but Basil called in Toby once again. Toby evened the odds, chasing Felicia down the hallway, giving Jaq and Gus an opening to set Lucifer's tail on fire, sending him into a panic. Felicia managed to reach a ledge, putting her out of Toby's reach, but as she hopped down, she realized one of the Horned King's guard-dogs was in the room with her. The dog tore her apart, presumably killing her. However, the noise alerted Lady Tremaine to the intrusion. As Lucifer looked on with sadistic glee, Lady Tremaine used her wand to transport the League into the King's dungeons.


Meanwhile, free from their cells but not wanting to alert the Horned King to their escape, Taran, Robin Hood, and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice decided to split up and search for a way out without catching the attention of the guards.Meeting up with the League in the Horned King's innermost sanctum, Taran and Robin Hood were disturbed to learn that they still had not found an exit that was not being guarded. However, they did find a large steel cage holding a female figure. Before they could investigate, the Horned King's minions and allies stormed in, having been alerted to the escape attempt by Sa'Luk. The group tried to flee but found the King's minions cutting off all routes of escape. Things looked hopeless as the King's generals and soldiers closed in, aiming to kill the prisoners rather than risk another escape. With no other options, Taran cut the chain holding up the cage, thinking it could knock out some of the King's minions. However, as the cage broke open, the prisoner within was revealed to be none other than the Atlantean Princess Kida.As Kida's powers threatened to bring the building down, both heroes and villains fled for their lives. Just as the heroes escaped to the wasteland outside, they turned to see the citadel collapse into rubble. At last, Kida managed to get control of her powers, landing next to the heroes and explaining her situation to them. Though initially frightened by Kida's power, the heroes agreed to help her return to Milo.

Teaming with Dogs and Cats

Having temporarily split off from the other escapees to continue the pursuit of Ratigan, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice met up with the dogs and cats, teaming up with them. After a bit of hesitation, the animals agreed to aid the League.

Prepared for the show

Meeting up with the League of Gentlemice after the battle at Castle Grimhilde, Lilo told them about what she had discovered at the Coachman's circus. Knowing that the rest of the resistance was in no shape for an assault on the circus after the battle, the League and the Disney Dogs and Cats assembled to stop the Coachman once and for all.

Battle of Grimhilde's Castle

As the heroes tried to get out of Cruella's way, the Disney Dogs and Cats and the League of Gentlemice arrived on the scene.The heroes followed, linking up with the Beast's team before setting off to find the Horned King and destroy the Cauldron.

Back in Castle Grimhilde, the villains prepared themselves for their final stand as the heroes and Frollo breached the keep.When the League of Gentlemice was attacked by Roscoe and Desoto, Basil called in Pongo and Perdita, who knocked the other dogs out the castle windows to their deaths. Even more horrors awaited as the League of Gentlemice entered the chamber and Ratigan was restored to life by the Cauldron. This time, Ratigan even had an army of sinister rats to help him against the League.As the castle threatened to collapse, the heroes made to escape, but the Horned King would not be beaten so easily.

Final Battle

The archdemon began his attack on the heroes, causing a great earthquake that ripped open the ground, causing Yzma and many heroes to fall into the fissures. The heroes managed to climb back to safety, but Yzma was lost. As most of the resistance battled Chernabog's demons, the cat attacked Basil, brutally beating him to the ground. While the demon cat was distracted by this turn of the tide, Basil seized his robe and pinned it beneath the rocks on the mountainside, allowing Merlin to destroy the demon with his magic cane.Drained of energy, Chernabog could not prevent himself from being forced back into his realm. As he retreated, however, he warned the heroes that as long as darkness and evil remained in the world, he would endure. He vowed to return and take his vengeance.

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