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Baron Zemo is a Nazi scientist and a significant enemy to Marvel superhero Captain America. Zemo is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Ratcliffe

Zemo takes his first steps in the war by infiltrating the armada of Governor John Ratcliffe, challenging the portly governor to a sword duel. Zemo proves superior in skill, knocking Ratcliffe's sword from his hand. However, Ratcliffe, never one to play fair, pulls out a large rifle and fires at Zemo, wounding his arm. Zemo is suddenly teleported away from the battle, only to reappear in a suspicious, dark void where Enchantress and Executioner recruit him.

Gathering the Masters of Evil

Enchantress presents her mission to Zemo: to build up a team known as the Masters of Evil that can be used to destroy Maleficent's forces. Zemo is the first of these recruits; he subsequently acts as the front man of the group, with Enchantress being the 'leader.' Over time, Crimson Dynamo, Abomination, and Wonder Man are all recruited, and [[::Category:the Masters of Evil|the Masters of Evil]] are complete.

The Battle Royale

With his team complete, Zemo sets out to the Forbidden Mountains, hoping to challenge Maleficent, however, they are instead opposed by the Sorcerer Society, consisting of Yzma, Mozenrath, Madam Mim, and Ayam Aghoul, who were defending Maleficent in hopes of gaining a reward. Zemo tries to fight Aghoul, who throws one of his skull bombs, the explosion of which sends Zemo flying quite a distance, killing him.


Although Zemo is dead, he, in fact, had a son, Helmut, who took over the name of Baron Zemo, swearing revenge on Ayam Aghoul for killing his beloved father.

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