Baron Ashura ( Ashura dansahku ,アシュラ 男爵? ) Also known as the Baron Ashler (named in the original Spanish

Baron Ashura TV Show

version of 32 episodes aired ) , Ashura in most versions . This is a fantasy , which is composed of a part of man and woman spliced ​​vertically. According to the manga reissued by the duo Nagai -Ota , this monster was from the union of two ancient mummies of a man and a woman Mikenes priests , whose bodies were halved . By joining both halves inexplicably come alive for Dr. Hell.14 is possible to behold, when approached from the right side as one who speaks is the feminine side of the character and focus if the left side is the male who is speaking . Similarly, the arguments are different as a voice is heard or the other , and even the character can strike up a conversation with himself adopting the views of a man and a woman together. Baron Ashler wears purple hijab with pitch hood over his head. Ashler serves as

Baron Ashura in Anime

lieutenant of Dr. Hell has given him an army dubbed the iron masks and two underwater fortress. To him are entrusted mechanical monsters come- figs to subject the world, plan changes as Mazinger starts to beat them all. Then Dr. Hell begins to lose patience and looking for a contender for the Baron Ashler , to see if , competing with each other , who will end up being more ruthless and actually gets beat your enemy. Impatience makes Baron Ashler ends up losing his underwater fortress. Thus enters the scene Headless Count . The Baron Ashler again with yet another strength . Dies in chapter 78 after a failed suicide bombing attempt by slamming his second underwater fortress against Mazinger Z.

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