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Bambi's mother is the mother of Bambi and the mate of the Great Prince of the Forest. Although dying early on in Disney Heroes vs Villains, her death was a major event in the young Bambi's life.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Killed by Gaston

In a French tavern, the hunters Gaston and Percival C. McLeach swapped stories. Gaston told McLeach about his first kill, but was unaware of the suffering he had truly caused. Several years ago, the young fawn Bambi and his mom were out foraging for grass when Gaston spotted them while hunting. Gaston readied his bow and arrow, but Bambi's mother heard him and she and Bambi ran for shelter as Gaston fired and missed. As the two deer continued to run, Gaston moved in closer and took out his blunderbuss. He fired several shots with his gun, killing Bambi's mom. Bambi looked on in remorse as Gaston claimed his kill, before Bambi's father, the Great Prince of the Forest came and guided Bambi to safety.