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Young Prince of the Forest

Bambi as a young fawn

Bambi is a young deer and the son of the Great Prince of the Forest. He fights alongside the other animal heroes in Disney Heroes vs. Villains against the villains that threaten their homes.

Bambi as an adult buck

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In Gaston's story

In a French tavern, the hunters Gaston and Percival C. McLeach swapped stories. Gaston told McLeach about his first kill, but was unaware of the suffering he had truly caused. Several years ago, the young fawn Bambi and his mom were out foraging for grass when Gaston spotted them while hunting. Gaston readied his bow and arrow, but Bambi's mother heard him and she and Bambi ran for shelter as Gaston fired and missed. As the two deer continued to run, Gaston moved in closer and took out his blunderbuss. He fired several shots with his gun, killing Bambi's mom. Bambi looked on in remorse as Gaston claimed his kill, before Bambi's father, the Great Prince of the Forest came and guided Bambi to safety. As Gaston finished his story, he showed McLeach he still had Bambi's mother's head mounted on the tavern wall, along with many other hunting trophies.

Vs Black Bear

After the battle with Hercules, the black bear escaped into the Native Land, where Rutt and Tuke noticed it. The bear attacked them and they were lucky to escape with their lives, warning the nearby Kenai and Koda about the danger. Unfortunately, the maddened beast had followed them. Kenai stood up to the bear and slashed it across the shoulder, but the injury did little more than anger it. Grabbing Koda, Kenai tried to retreat to safety, but the other bear followed. Just then, Bambi arrived on the scene and attacked the predator, scoring two good hits and catching the bear's attention. Though the bear managed to knock Bambi away with a mighty swipe of his paw, Kenai and Koda used the distraction to escape across a fallen log over a cliff.As Kenai and Koda looked on, Bambi departed.


Meanwhile, in the Native Land, Bambi was recovering from his battle with the black bear when Grandmother Willow spoke to him, asking him to look after a nature spirit known as the Spring Sprite.


In the Native Land, Bambi, Kenai, and their friends were called together by the Forest Elders, including Grandmother Willow, the mandrill shaman Rafiki, and the voodoo priestess Mama Odie. The Elders warned the gathered animals that they had divined that Maleficent, if the captured princesses were freed before they could be sacrificed to Chernabog, was prepared to use the ancient spirit of destruction, the Firebird, to kill enough innocents to summon the Black God. Since the Spring Sprite was the only being that could summon the Firebird, they must keep her from falling into Maleficent's clutches. In addition, the Elders had foreseen that heroes like Pocahontas, Kuzco and Pacha, and the Seven Dwarfs would play crucial roles in defeating Maleficent, but needed help against the forces of evil.

Decide to defend Spring Sprite

In the forests, Bambi, the Patch of Heaven cows, Kenai, Koda, and newcomers Tod and Vixey, two foxes, and the rabbit Lucky Jack united to keep the Spring Sprite safe, though they couldn't help but feel that they were being watched.

Vs Alameda Slim

In the Native Lands, Alameda Slim approached Amos Slade, offering to go on a hunting trip with him to help him relax after his experience in the Court of Miracles. Slade agreed, and the two set off into the woods, where they quickly picked up the trail of Tod and Bambi. As Slade fired on Tod, the fox took cover under an old railroad line, and Bambi bravely drew Slim away from his hiding place. However, Tod was found by one of Slade's hunting dogs, Copper. Unknown to Slade, Tod and Copper had been friends since childhood, and Copper decided to try and draw Slade away from Tod as well. As Copper led Slade in the opposite direction, Tod climbed up the side of the railroad tracks to safety, only to be spotted by Slade's other hunting dog, Chief. As Chief cornered Tod on the tracks, Slim spotted the two of them as well and threw his spurs at a large boulder hanging over the tracks, causing it to fall. However, Tod dodged out of the way and the boulder hit Chief instead, knocking him from the tracks into a canyon. Copper rushed to his friend's side, finding him barely clinging to life. Tod and Bambi ran to safety as the hunters were distracted, though Copper watched them go with vengeance brewing in his heart.

Vs Forces of Cruella

Accompanied by a pack of wolves loaned to them by Queen Grimhilde, Clayton's hunting party travelled into the Native Lands to try their luck at disposing of the animal heroes. The wolves immediately chased after Faline, but Bambi came to her defense, managing to fight off several of the wolves. No sooner had he done so, however, than Medusa and Snoops managed to trap him and hang him from a tree. Tod and Vixey huddled into a corner as the poachers threw a net over them. Bambi tried to escape, but as he leapt across a gorge, Clayton shot him in midair, grievously wounding him. As Bambi struggled to get back up, Clayton and his crew closed in on the animals.

Unknown to either the animals or Clayton's group, Hades and the Sprite were nearby, with Hades forcing the Sprite to use her powers to awaken the Firebird at last. As some of the other animals began to sense something was wrong, Koda slipped in unnoticed and freed Kenai from the snare.Though the other animals managed to free themselves from the hunters' traps and flee to safety, it appeared that Bambi would be lost to the flames. Just then, the Great Prince of the Forest arrived, urging his son to get up and fight for his life. With the Prince's aid, Bambi rose to his feet and fled just as the fire reached the spot he had been laying only seconds before. The two deer managed to narrowly escape by diving off a waterfall into the lake below.

New form

Back in the Native Lands, the animal heroes finally gathered again after the Firebird's attack, but not all of them had come out unscathed. To the shock of the others, Grandmother Willow revealed that Bambi had strangely been transformed into a fawn.Bambi was left in the body of a fawn, with no apparent way to return to normal and no answers to why he was even in such a situation.

Battle with Forces of Nature

In the Native Lands, McLeach and his hunters massed in force, chasing the animal heroes into the Pride Lands. Caught by surprise, the heroes could do nothing but run for cover. Seeing the chase begin, Nuka and Vitani set the savannah alight to begin the ritual.Separated from the other animals, the young Bambi was cornered in the savannah grasses by Nuka and Vitani.As Nuka and Vitani were about to pounce on Bambi, he managed to evade them and made a run for it.

As Bambi fled through the jungle, he was confronted by a nightmare from his past: Gaston, the man who had killed his mother. Though Gaston was surprised to see Bambi had apparently not aged a day since their last encounter, he was determined to finish the job. As Slade moved in to assist Gaston with a group of hunting dogs, the Prince of the Forest arrived to protect Bambi and kicked Slade away. While the Prince fought off the dogs, he told Bambi to run, but Gaston gave chase. As Bambi climbed up a cliff, Gaston cut off his escape and prepared to kill the fawn with a club. Just as Gaston readied the killing blow, Bambi mustered the courage to fight back, kicking Gaston off the cliff to his death.After Gaston's death, Bambi fled through the jungle as the Great Prince of the Forest searched for him. Suddenly, the Cheshire Cat returned, causing Bambi to fall into a pit. As the Cat disappeared again, the Great Prince found his son, and was shocked at what he found.

Herded into the center of the jungle by their attackers, the heroes were confronted by Zira and Amos Slade.The hunting dogs cornered the heroes up against a cliff, but the tide turned as Bambi arrived, restored to his adult self, forcing the dogs back. Nuka chased Tod up the cliff, but Slade spotted the fox as well and, blinded by vengeance, shot at him.Bambi lent his aid as well, and the heroes managed to force the hyenas back.

Reunion with Cheshire Cat

Though the heroes were victorious, they had only won at great cost. Before its destruction, the Firebird had burned a large portion of the jungle to ashes. As Bambi reunited with his friends, the Cheshire Cat appeared again, claiming credit for inspiring Bambi to defeat Gaston. However, the heroes were not too happy to see the Cat after all his mischief. The Cat, not caring in the slightest about what the heroes thought, disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived. Meanwhile, Louie returned to Team Human Again, cradling the dying Ray. Surrounded by his friends, the brave firefly passed on.

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