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Balto is the titular protagonist of the Balto series of films. A kind and adventurous wolf-dog hybrid with a strong sense of will and determination, Balto was raised by the goose Boris after his mother seemingly perished by unknown means. Not realizing his role in life, Balto is guided by his friends, including his love interest and future mate Jenna and his mother's spirit, to examine his role as a wolf-dog. Even though he has fought villains who threatened both him and his family, including Steele and Niju, Balto would soon take on larger threats, after the various forces of evil rose to battle the hero forces in Heroes vs. Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War

Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Roscoe and Desoto

Balto and his friends were walking through thw forest to find the team of sled dogs but when Balto hear something the 2 dogs show up and attack his friends this might not be an easy fight for Balto......alone that is.

Information for his group

After the dog fight balto tells his group about the fight he had makes the other dogs worried. Then matters got worse the lions were at their base.

Searching for heroes

Balto and Boris go to find other heroes to help fight off the lions but in the distance a certain dog finishes the race.Balto meets up with Francis and Bluebeard and tells them to meet up with another animal hero.

Defending Chirin

After running from the Lions and trying to escape the little lamb, Chirin is chased down by The Hyenas Scar and Zira. They soon corner the lamb but when Shenzi talks about Chirin's old friend (Mufasa who is supposed to be dead) he loses control, while this is happening Balto shows up to help the lamb, but this fight comes with a sacrifice.As the fight was over, Chirin goes to see if his mother was okay only to realize she is "dead" While Balto seeing the lamb cry he decides to help the little lamb on his journey.

Saving Kiara and Kovu

After Being in Rothbart's castle for days, The two lion cubs decide that it is time to finally escape that dreaded place so they make a plan for the night. But they don't realize that some wizards don't sleep as the evil wizards assistant tells him about their plan to escape he turns her into a wolf to defeat and bring the lion cubs back. As the chase prosecutes Dodger and his friends (alongside Balto, Tod, Francis, Bluebeard and Chirin) who witness this and decide to help out but even when they outsmart the witch, More trouble comes along the way, Oso the black bear (who survived his fight with Skippy) and the evil Wizard himself Rothbart but its not to long till the heroes get help in a unexpected way but someone else was watching them as the chase happens.