Bald Mountain, home to the malevolent deity, Chernabog.

Bald Mountain is the main setting of the Disney's Fantasia segment Night on Bald Mountain. Based on the Mountain Triglav in Slovenia, Bald Mountain is featured as the place that the great evil and supernatural dwells, in the form of the Black God, Chernabog. The mountain's peak itself is the dwelling place of Chernabog, where the demon could summon legions of spirts and demons on Walpurgis Night, as a means to cause chaos and disorder on that particular night, before they are dragged down to their resting places after the sound of the bells that result in Chernabog's defeat and the herald of a new dawn. It also features a village beneath the mountain, although it is rarely important to the story, only appearing as a tool to Chernabog's collaborate plan, usually summoning ghosts and spirts from within it.

In the villain wars, Bald Mountain appears as one of the primary locations of the series, and in most cases as the final battle scenery as seen in the second Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War, and the first Disney Villains War, Disney Heroes vs. Villains, and Heroes vs. Villains Wars.

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