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Baelfire is the son of the beggar, known as Rumpelstiltskin and one of the main characters in the first two seasons of the ABC television show, "Once Upon a Time". A boy who always gets in many adventures, Baelfire plays a minor role in the villains wars, usually being seperared from his father.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Pre War: Protected

After the battle with Sauron's forces, the Dark One takes the One-Ring and gives it to his son, Baelfire. He consoles him that with the ring putting it on, he would be protected from his enemies.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Seperated from the Familly

Once the third war starts, Saruman sends Lurtz and the Uruk-Hai to find the human, who possess the One-Ring. At the same time Rumpelstiltskin leaves Baelfire alone for a moment in the woods. Lurtz then finds the boy, possessing the One-Ring and was ready to kill him, by firing an arrow. Rumpelstiltskin, however, arrives and protects his son from the Orcs, killing Lurtz in the process. In the fray, Saruman arrives on the woods. After being humiliated from the Dark One, Saruman opens a portal to another realm, that sucked on Baelfire.

Disney Villains War 3

Escaping the Military and Witnessing A Terrible Change

Living a peacefull life his father. Baelfire's life is soon at risk, as the general, Ian Mercer, arrives on their home, demanding Baelfire's capture, for the reason to train him as a soldier. Later, as Baelfire is about to be shipped, his father arrives, now having been turned into the monster, known as Rumpelstiltskin. Baelfire then looks in shock and horror, as his father, kills Mercer in a cruel way, as he uses his powers to conjure tentacles, that tear Mercer's brain apart. Rumpelstiltskin then takes his son, back to his home, though Baelfire leaves with his mind off thinking the recent change of his father.

Losing His Father

However, Baelfire is not safe once again. When Rumple refuses to pay the need for his seller artist, Tia Dalma, the sorceress, who was responsible for the transformation of Baelfire's father into the monster he is now,Tia, wanting a payback to Rumple, opens a portal with her magic powers, that sucks in Bae into an unknown realm, much to Rumple's horror.