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B.L. Zebub is the primary antagonist of the 1978 animated short, The Devil and Daniel Mouse. Based on the character Mr. Scratch (another literature version of the Devil's name) from The Devil and Daniel Webster short story, B.L. Zebub is a demonic deity whose name, personality, and deceptive nature are mainly used to lure his victims into the ultimate goal of eternal damnation. He appears in Heroes vs. Villains as one of Chernabog's inferior demon lords.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Seven Demons

B.L. Zebub is summoned on Bald Mountain by the Black God Chernabog along with the other demon lord to discuss about the final attack against the heroes. However, Hexxus' absence prevents them from proceeding any further until the time would come for the demons to assemble. Fortunately, one group of mortal hunters release Hexxus from his imprisoment, ready to move to the next phase of their plans.

A New Threat

As part of the plan, Hexxus, Eris, the Firebird, Maleficent, the Horned King and their forces launch a full attack at the heroes, destroying and killing many living forces on Earth. After the battle, the demons celebrate their victory. In spite of their triumph over the heroes, the demons turn infuriated, as the Emperor of the Night shows them the hero Moses, a major threat to Chernabog, still alive, assembling the hero forces.

B.L. Zebub's disguise as a record producer