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Azrael is a pet cat owned by the evil wizard Gargamel, and the secondary antagonist of The Smurfs. He appears in Sony Pictures Animation's 6th feature film, The Smurfs, Sony Pictures Animation's 10th feature film, The Smurfs 2, and Sony Pictures Animation's 16th feature film, Smurfs the Lost Village.

Azrael serves as Gargamel's companion in helping capture the smurfs. However, Azrael is usually more intelligent than Gargamel and often tells him about some kinks in his plans. Azrael is sometimes treated cruelly by his owner, and has been known to turn on Gargamel numerous times. In one episode, he eventually got tired of Gargamel treating him so badly that he turned against him.

He was voiced by the late Don Messick in the cartoon.

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