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Axel is a member of Organization 13 and an anti-hero in the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise. Sarcastic and headstrong, Axel displays signs of morality and emotion, despite being an emotionless Nobody and being willing to kill others in order to achieve his goals. Axel is an accomplished pyrokinetic who wields two chakrams/ring blades as his primary offensive tools and weapons. He is a secondary player in the Disney Villains War and a minor player in the Video Game Villains War.

Disney Villains War 2

Video Game Villains War

Vs Barthandelus

Axel's superior, Xemnas, forms a partnership with international terrorist and weapons expert, Revolver Ocelot. The two immediately form an antagonistic relationship against the forces of Garland, who previously defeated one of Ocelot's agents. As a result, Xemnas and Ocelot have Axel and one of Ocelot's agents, Fortune, assassinate one of Garland's affiliates, the enigmatic Galenth Dysley. Axel dodges most of Dysley's attacks, but his attempt to kill Dysley with his chakrams fails due to Dysley's shield. Axel and Fortune goad Dysley into transforming into a more powerful form, the monstrous Barthandelus; the immense energy surge actually forces Axel back. After Barthandelus is armed for the assault, Fortune ends up destroying the monster, to Axel's appreciation.

Killing an Old Friend

It soon emerges, though, that Fortune has been conducting some activities contrary to Organization 13's interests, making allies with Doctor Cid, an avowed enemy of the Nobodies. Marluxia catches wind of this and realizes that Ocelot and his allies have been two-timing Organization 13. He thus summons Axel and Larxene to help him take out Fortune and Doctor Cid. Axel is perfectly willing to "eliminate the traitor" and helps in the fight. During most of the brawl, he takes on Doctor Cid and his insane arsenal of guns. Axel's chakrams manage to protect him from most of the attacks, but Axel doesn't get the chance to fire any shots. When Marluxia kills Doctor Cid, Axel turns to Fortune and causes explosions all around her, leaving her exposed to a fatal blow from Marluxia.