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Pristine Figg (also known as Aunt Figg) is a rich but cruel woman who played a minor role in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

She first appeared as the main villain of the critically-lambasted Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

Cruella disscusses her financial situation with Pristine Figg.

Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains

After Cruella De Vil went bankrupt due to the war her lawyer, Lickboot, decided to leave her to side with Aunt Figg whom he made his new client. Cruella was not at all pleased when Lickboot phoned her about this and wanted him back. Later, Miss De Vil visited Figg and Lickboot in their mansion and attempted to convince Lickboot to become her lawyer again. When Pristine refused to let this happen, Cruella became furious and vowed revenge. The next day, when her foes went out for a car ride, Cruella chased them in her own car and steered them off the road where they crashed through a fence, into a clothesline and into a pigpen. In Disgrace, Figg then went into hiding, and has not been seen since. Lickboot, however, ran into a string of good fortune, joining with Cat R. Waul and Carface.

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