Atlanteans Soldiers DC
The Atlantean Soldiers are the main force of the lost continent of Atlantis, protecting it's ruler and civilians, from menacing threats. They are minor characters in the DC universe, and minor combatants in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

The Assault of Atlantis

A platoon of Atlantean soldiers is called to the Atlanteans' desperate aid, as they are cornered by El Supremo's submarine fleet. However, they get ambushed by Messina, a sorceress, who works for El Supremo. She manages to summon a large whirwind, that wipes out most of the Atlantean army, leaving Atlantis in disarray.

Vengeance and First Blood

Wounded and disoriented, both physically and mentally, especially after their king's death, the Atlanteans swear revenge against the outside world. Particularly, an Atlantean division, led by the Ocean Master, advance, towards to the human world, setting their first sights on Egypt, ruled by Pharaoh Rameses. When Rameses refuses to surrender his kingdom, by request of the Ocean Master, and of the Black Manta, the Atlanteans lead their first assault against their enemies, encountering the Egyptian force, on opposite side of the river Nile. When the Egyptian soldiers get in close, the Ocean Master uses his channeling mystic powers to seperate the waters of the river, into two directions, creating an opening. Both of the armies advance to encounter their foes. However, just as the Egyptian soldiers get in closely to the Atlantean crew, the Ocean Master reveals his trump card, as he uses his mystic powers, to undo his previous action, sealing the waters of the river Nile, and sweeping away most of the Egyptian soldiers. The Atlantean soldiers, beneath the waters, then slaughter the drowning Egyptians, a horrified action seen in the surface by the Egyptian survivors.

Second Victory

A platoon of Atlantean soldiers also appear, under the command of the Black Manta. While he meets with the Fire Nation officer, Admiral Zhao, for a business meeting, Zhao sets them up, as he orders his troops to kill the Atlantean ambassador. Unconvinced, the Black Manta manages to defeat several soldiers, before ordering his own platoon to fire at their enemies. The Atlantean soldiers shoot through their defenses, eventually sinking their war craft ship, forcing Zhao and his men, to retreat.

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