Athena (Age of Mythology)

Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, and a supportive, yet unplayable, player in the Age of Mythology campaign. She helps the Atlantean war general Arkantos, usually behind the scenes, on his journey to protect Atlantis from it's enemies, by giving him tips and advises throughout the original game. She also appears in the Worst Hero and Villain War Ever, as one of the supportive figures on the heroes side.

Worst Hero and Villains War Ever


Athena was born from the head of Zeus, and became one of Olympus Gods, who would guide heroes such as Arkantos and Rygar. Over the years, after the end of the Ancient Greece, the Gods of Olympus were forgotten by humanity, and ignored Earth to pursue other things.

Athena was the only God, besides Poseidon, to get involved with Earth activity several thousand years later when she was called by Voodoo Lady to contact Malmoth, fiery demon whose roots were in Olympus.

Beginning of War

Malmoth informed Athena that universe has disobeyed him and has doomed it to the slow descent into chaos. Athena tells Malmoth that he can't bring on the Apocalypse since he isn't meant to be worshipped. Malmoth corrects her that he is not going to bring the Apocalypse, but rather final confrontation between good and evil and everything in between, Ragnarok. Athena retorts that humanity is not ready for a war, but Malmoth states that it will happen in worlds inside worlds and in different periods of time as well, before leaving. Athena believes it is time to start the Gathering of Heroes.

Athena forms the Three Gods, composed of herself, the protector of Universe, and only being with direct link to the Elder Gods, Raiden, and the Guardian Angel and the archenemy of Malmoth, Hemera.

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