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Asajj Ventress is a Sith Knight introduced in the short-lived animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A dual blade lightsaber duelist, Asajj is a highly competent fighter trained under Count Dooku. She is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Villains War 3

Asajj Ventress CGI

Asajj Ventress in the CGI Universe.

Vs Dr. Calico 

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Count Dooku calls upon Asajj to eliminate the villainous Zygon from the war. Asajj is more than ready for the assignment. Though Zygon has her decoy warship destroyed, Asajj effortlessly destroys his robot drones with her force telekinesis. She then hacks the helpless Zygon to pieces with her lightsaber. For her services, Count Dooku names Asajj a Sith Lord.

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