Army-Dillo was just an ordinary armadillo until King K. Rool made him into a vicious, cold-blooded killing machine. He has two fireball cannons attatched to his mechanical body, and can roll around to squash enemies. Unfortenately, he rolls VERY slowly.

In "War of the Villains", Army-Dillo showed up late at night to fight PsyCrow and The Professor. As he unveiled his giant cannons, The Professor began to doubt himself until getting a word of confidents from his monkey. The Battle Bug fired onto Army-Dillo, whose cannons began to short-circuit, giving him an electric shock. Not wanting to go down without a fight, Army-Dillo fired his fireball cannons rapidly at The Battle Bug. His attempts lead him to his undoing, however, as the cannons ran out of ammo, began to break down, and ultimately dismound from Army-Dillo's body via explosion. Knowing he was defenseless, Army-Dillo made a cowardly retreat.

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