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The Armed Priest Corps are an elite squadron of Catholic priests, led by Alexander Anderson, and sometimes by Enrico Maxwell. Featured as the Iscariot's main force, along with the Papal Knights, in the Hellsing manga and it's corresponding series, Hellsing: Ultimate, the Amred Priest Corps are briefly featured in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament and in Disney vs. Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

The Armed Priest Corps are amongst the Non-Disney Villains, who make an appearance in the Disney vs. Marvel Villains War. They appear, as part of the Letzte Batallion, a military unit, consisted by Nazi manufacture vampires. When Ratcliffe gives the signal the Armed Priest Corps target at the Mandarin, ready to blast him to pieces. Sadly for them, the Mandaring annihilates many of them, through the use of his ten magical rings.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

The Armed Priest Corps make a minor appearance, during the meeting of Enrico Maxwell with King Bradley, with Enrico leaving the meeting in bad terms. They make, yet, another appearance in the meeing of Maxwelll with Charles zi Britannia. To impress the Britannia Emperor, Enrico has the Iscariot's assassin, Heinkel Wolfe, to murder a corrupt priest, that gave away the location of Cortez, a former agent of the Iscariot, to the Homunculus, Envy. The Armed Priest Corps do not make another appearance.