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Arktos is the main antagonist of Tabaluga franchise and the animated series, he is an evil snowman who wants to plunge the world in ice. He appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


The spirit inside Arktos has existed since the beginning of time itself, a power so evil even the Elder Gods wanted nothing to do with it. The spirit seemingly didn't create a body for itself until during the Ice Age, which allowed it to become Arktos. Arktos loved Ice, as he saw it as a mirror of himself, cold and deadly. When Ice Age ended, Arktos became furious as the planet was no longer engulfed in cold ice. He formed an army of animals to re-freeze the planet, but thanks to the heaping heat the more south they progressed, the army never really got anywhere. They only got as far as a land known as Greenland.

The world Arktos lived in was a Parallel World where dinosaurs had survived, and some of the dinosaurs developed wings, becoming dragons. Arktos hated dragons for having ability to breathe fire and waged war on them. Arktos ended up wiping out almost every single dragon except for Tyrion, who hid the only egg he had far underground. Tyrion sacrificed himself in order to protect Greenland, and after his dying breath, he had damaged Arktos's armies enough that they no longer posed a serious threat. Arktos headed back to his homeworld, and wouldn't return until he heard of a new dragon, Tabaluga, being born.