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Mermaid Ariel

The Little Mermaid/Princess of Atlantica

Princess Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton and one of the core heroes of Disney Heroes vs Villains. Her beauty and the power of her father has earned the jealousy of the sea witch Ursula.

Disney Villains War 3


Having kidnapped Ariel for the next step in Xehanort's plan, Ursula was confronted by a mysterious mutant, Gill.


Xehanort then stated that he would be in time but now they needed to set Ursula on her course. Xehanort killed Ariel siphoning her life force to turn Ursula into Vanessa.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War-Part Three

[[File:Ariel Queen.jpg|thumb|269x269px|Ariel's depicted form as a human. She also appears as Wife of Prince Eric and Queen of her kingdom, in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Swear revenge

Jafar gained access to the Atlantica palace where he menaced Ariel, Triton's daughter, and her friend Flounder, drawing out Triton. Triton fired several blasts from his Trident, seemingly vaporizing Jafar, but Jafar then revealed himself to have simply teleported away. As Jafar shrugged off another attack and Triton realized just how powerful the vizier was, Jafar turned him into a sea polyp. As Ariel looked on in horror, Jafar departed. Ariel swore revenge on Jafar.

Vs Captain Hook and Monstro

On the run after Triton's defeat, Ariel, and her companions Flounder and Sebastian found the pirate Captain Hook and his crew in the Jolly Roger, anchored offshore. Eavesdropping, Ariel overheard that Hook was working with Jafar. Just then, a lookout spotted Ariel and alerted Hook to her presence. Ariel dove underwater, but Hook was afraid to follow her, not wanting to disturb the crocodile that shadowed his every move. Instead, Hook ordered his first mate Mr. Smee to drop a bucket of chum overboard. As Ariel swam away, Mr Smee tripped and dropped the chum into the water, catching the attention of the fearsome whale Monstro, who was sleeping on the ocean floor. Monstro spotted Ariel and gave chase, intending to devour her whole. Ariel swam for her life, but found her escape cut off by a colossal electric eel. Getting an idea, Ariel returned to the surface, putting Hook's ship in between her and the leviathan. Taking the bait, Monstro crashed down the Jolly Roger in an effort to get to Ariel, sinking the ship and temporarily stunning Monstro. Hook and his crew managed to get to a lifeboat and head for shore as Ariel escaped in the confusion.


In the seas on the coast of England, Ariel was at last cornered by the eels that had been hunting her since Triton's fall. Just as it seemed they would kill her, the eels were bound by a bolt of magic and Ariel was made human, allowing her to escape to shore. There, she was met by Merlin, who had rescued her, and the wizard introduced Ariel to his allies, the Fairy Godmother, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and Prince Philip, the legendary hero who had first slain Maleficent and whom Merlin saw as the best hope they had of ending the evil fairy's threat.

Still sad

Back at Merlin's cottage, the wizard and the heroes he had assembled discussed their battle plans against Maleficent. However, Ariel was still deeply troubled by being separated from her father and having to leave Flounder and Sebastian to fend for themselves in the sea. The Fairy Godmother comforted her as Merlin and the three good fairies told her it was only a matter of time until Maleficent fell and Triton was restored. However, that time would prove to be long in coming.

Vs Maleficent's Forces

As the group was tending to Ariel, Diablo suddenly flew in, heralding the arrival of Maleficent and her allies, the Horned King, the Inca sorceress Yzma, Bill Sykes, and Lady Tremaine. The fairies told Ariel to hide as they and Merlin confronted Maleficent's group.Rejoicing at capturing her mortal enemy, Maleficent and her group departed, not noticing Ariel watching in horror from her hiding place.

Freeing Genie

Meanwhile, Merlin returned to his cottage, having rescued Arthur from the wolf, only to find the place in shambles and Ariel the only one unharmed. As Merlin stewed over their losses, Archimedes noticed Genie's crystal had somehow made its way into the cottage. Merlin destroyed the crystal and released the Genie, to Arthur's surprise, and the benevolent spirit agreed to help Merlin in his fight with Maleficent.


As Arthur and Archimedes told Ariel and the Genie what had happened, they decided they were no longer safe in Merlin's cottage. At Ariel's suggestion, they chose to seek refuge in the sea. The Genie transformed Ariel back into a mermaid and Arthur and Archimedes into fish, and they escaped beneath the waves before Maleficent's forces could find them.

Found by Jetsam and Flotsam

In the seas, Ursula's eel minions Flotsam and Jetsam had found where Ariel, the Genie, Arthur, and the other remaining members of Merlin's group were hiding. The eels revealed that Ursula had captured Prince Eric, but would release him if Ariel surrendered herself. Though the other heroes were sure that it was a trap, Ariel was unwilling to leave Eric to Ursula's mercy and swam off to find him.

Battle Under the Sea

Beneath the waves, Ursula and her allies were lying in wait for Ariel and the other heroes, who had followed Ariel to make sure she was safe. Marina and her electric eels chased after Arthur while Glut appeared behind Ariel and Flounder, trying to maul them.Ursula sent her minions to finish off Ariel's team while she hurled orbs of magic energy at the Atlantean ships, destroying several of them. Losing track of Ariel, Glut ran wild.Ursula cornered Ariel and prepared to kill her with Triton's Trident, but Eric arrived with Scuttle and Kida and threw a harpoon at Ursula, cutting her arm and getting her attention. Taking advantage of Ursula's distraction, an Atlantean ship fired on her, knocking her into a wall. Genie quickly transported the heroes back to the surface before Ursula could recover again.

Promise to keep the contact

Back on land after their run-in with Ursula, Arthur, the Genie, and Eric promised to keep in contact with Ariel and Milo's team in case trouble arose again.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War 

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Saw Avatar

Elsewhere, Ariel and Flounder explored the Arctic Ocean, where she encountered two young siblings Sokka and Katara, hailing from the Southern Water Tribe, fishing. As the pair were arguing, Katara unconsciously unleashed an ocean wave with her waterbending powers, destroying a nearby iceberg. As the iceberg tore apart, chunks of floating ice fell upon Flounder, freezing him alive. As Ariel tried to release her companion, Katara used her powers to melt the ice, freeing Flounder. As Ariel, Katara, and Sokka introduced themselves to each other, another iceberg, containing two lifeforms, rose to the surface. Seeing that one of the occupants of the iceberg was a young boy, Ariel used an icicle to break open the iceberg. Ariel and the two siblings watched in astonishment as a bright column of light emerged from the ice and shot high into the sky.

In the Arctic, Ariel, Katara, and Sokka uncovered the lifeforms within the iceberg, revealed to be a young boy named Aang and his flying bison Appa. Though Sokka had a distrusted Aang, Katara didn’t believe him to be dangerous. After introducing themselves, the small group headed back to Katara's tribe.


Having arrived at their village, Sokka is annoyed by Aang's playful nature (much to the amusement by Katara and Ariel) and exclaims to him that they need to prepare for the war. Aang knows nothing about this but before his friends can explain, they are under attack. Captain Hook, Pete, and Shan-Yu arrive and demand to know where the Avatar is. Aang shows up and right after a short fight against Shan-Yu's soldiers, Aang agrees to go with them so long as they leave everyone alone.

Saving Avatar

Before Ariel, Katara, and Sokka head off to go rescue Aang, Aladdin and his crew arrive and says they're here to help.Hook, Pete, and Shan-Yu deliver Aang to Zuko. Right as the trade-off is starting, Aladdin and co arrive to the rescue. Soon a battle on the ship breaks out. Things don't seem to look good until Aang reveals his true powers to his friends and enemies.Right as the heroes make a getaway, Zuko and Iroh try to make one final attack only to be counterattacked by an unexpected surprise.Aang tells his friends how he never wanted to be the Avatar and is worried about the war. Everyone tells him it will be okay and that they will be with him during the journey.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Gourmand

Under the sea The Little Mermaid Ariel is collecting items that humans use but she is being hunted down by the animal chef Gourmand (who has the ability to breath underwater thanks to Ursula) to get her captured and cook up Flounder for a good fish meal, but the chef will soon know that he should not get in between Ariel's Father the king of the Ocean.

Heroes Vs Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Teaming with Tresa

Ariel receives a visit from a close friend, Tresa, who needs help from her and her father to stop a certain mutant.