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Ares is the son of Zeus, and the original God of War. A powerful and bloodthirst immortal deity. Ares is the primary antagonist of the first God of War video game, and a major player in Animated vs Video Game Villains War.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Preparations for the Upcoming Storm

Hearing of his sister's, Athena, demise, as a means to provoke Zeus into battle, Ares joins forces with Hades, for the same purpose to kill the king of the gods. Wanting enough forces to challenge the Olympians, Ares and Hades bring Ursula into the CGI realm, after her previous defeat in the Animated Universe.

Confronting Hercules

Ares informs Hades about a mysterious object, called Pandora's Box, which it can boost their powers, if it is opened. Hades then sends his forces to retrieve that box. At their arrival, Hades and his forces learn that the Box is guarded by Hercules. The demi-god summons a flying creature to assassinate the trio. Ares then transforms into a giant wyrm to deal with the creature. While the god is damaged by the cretaure's blast, Ares stands up and finishes the creature, by firing a powerful shot at it. After the rest forces of Hades kill Hercules, Ursula reverts Ares into his normal self and together they open the Pandora's Box, giving power and allies to Hades's faction. Just as then, Zeus arrives and sees the situation, as he witness Hercules dead. Hades and his forces then disappear in a flash.

Final Standings

With the newfound powers of the contained Box, Hades brings into the CGI realm, a bunch of Titans, who would serve Hades in his goal to kill Zeus.

Ares, transformed into the wyrm, Evrae, during the final events of Animated vs. Video Game Villains War