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Ares is a major antagonist in the DC universe, first appearing in the comic Wonder Woman Vol 1 1, as the greatest enemy of Wonder Woman. The son of Zeus, and the God of War, Ares is a corrupt deity, manipulating his victims to spread his influence over war and violence on many regions. He also seems to have obtain "offsprings", known as the Children of Ares, many of whom are supervillains. He is a major player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Ally of Eris

Being bound to Zeus' rule, Ares seeks audience with Eris, after the goddess of Discord disposed off Hades, and took over the Underworld, as it's new ruler. He demands to Eris, and her new partner, the new incarnation of Dionysus (in reality the incarnation of Hades from the Wonder Woman's animated movie), to defeat the king of the gods, with Eris aprooving of his offer, since it suited her plan for "glorious chaos". Dionysus manages to free Ares from his bound with Zeus, by shattering him shackles. However, Eris appoint Ares to steal the Book of Peace, as an assignment to prove his worth.


When Black Adam faces off Ares, after his previous fight with Zigzag, the god delegate Eris' mission on him, as a means to redeem himself from his his previous humiliation.

A Haggard Battle

When Black Adam takes too long to complete his mission, Ares takes matters into his own hands, setting to find the Book on his own. He eventually tracks it down, in a castle, guarded by King Haggard. Haggard charges forward at his foe, clashing him in a battle of swords. Although Haggard manages to hold off his enemy for some time, tossing away his helmet in the process, he is no match against the god's experience, as he easily overpowers him, eventually pushing him from his castle to his apparent demise. He then takes the Book into his possession, which in return he gives it to Eris, setting up their next phase of their plans, to dispose of his father, Zeus.

Taking over Olympus

Eris' forces lead an all assault on Mount Olympus, taking Zeus by surprise. With the combined effort, Eris' forces manage to overwhelm and destroy Zeus, leaving it's throne to his children. Ares and Eris then appoint Black Adam, as the new guardian of Mount Olympus.

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