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Archibald Snatcher is the main villain from The Boxtrolls. A ruthless, ambitious, and power-hungry exterminator, Snatcher is a crucial player in the CGI subplot of Disney Vs Non Disney Villains.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Serving The Crown

A well-known exterminator and spy, Archibald Snatcher is hired by Pitch Black, who has grown paranoid after an attempt on his life. Pitch tasks him with finding the one responsible for the attempt, saying that he believes the guilty party to be someone in his faction. Snatcher eagerly accepts the task, but not before inquiring about his payment, requesting a seat on Pitch's council if he successfully finds the traitor. Much to Snatcher's delight, Pitch agrees, promising to give him the seat of the traitor should he complete his task.

Sleeping With The Enemy

Archibald's disguise as Madame Frou-Frou

Snatcher immediately sets to work investigating possible suspects. With one of Pitch's council members, Hopper, having recently instigated a rebellion against the king, Snatcher is given ample reason to believe that he was the one who sent the assassin. Donning the persona of female performer Madame Frou-Frou, Snatcher infiltrates Hopper's faction, offering to entertain the rebellion. Snatcher/Frou-Frou quickly grows close to Hopper, becoming the grasshopper's trusted consort. He is later present to witness Repton, an assassin working for Pitch, make an attempt on Hopper's life. Hopper is able to fight the assassin off, and Snatcher later compliments the grasshopper on being strong enough to best the "big bad lizard man" and on being intelligent and ambitious enough to send the assassin after Pitch. However, Hopper then reveals that it wasn't him, and that his flies on the wall had informed him that it was in fact Syndrome (another of Pitch's council members) that was behind the attempt. This information greatly interests Snatcher.

The Ruse Revealed

Despite having gotten the information he needed, Snatcher/Frou-Frou remains by Hopper's side throughout the rest of the war, hoping to help take down the rebellion. He is present as Hopper recruits notorious gangster Roman Torchwick into his forces, with Torchwick taking an immediate liking to Frou-Frou.

Later, Hopper and his forces are caught off guard when two of Pitch's generals, Hans and Prince Charming, lay siege to their headquarters in Sugar Rush. Seeing an opportunity, Snatcher mounts his gundam and begins to aid the royal forces in attacking the rebels. He then gleefully reveals his true identity to a horrified Hopper, before proceeding to lay waste to his forces. With Snatcher's help, the element of surprise on their side, and the interference of Hades managing to take out most of Hopper's soldiers, the royal forces are able to deal a crushing defeat to the rebels. Towards the end of the battle, Snatcher notices Hopper about to murder Prince Charming. Calling out to "Monsieur Hopper" one last time, Snatcher crushes the grasshopper under the arm of his gundam, ending the rebellion for good.


With the rebellion dealt with, Snatcher sets off to inform Pitch that Syndrome was the traitor. Unfortunately, the information would never reach Pitch, as Snatcher is intercepted by Braig, an assassin working for Syndrome, who instructs the spy to come with him or he would be shot. Snatcher retorts that he will soon be a lord, and demands to be addressed as such. Braig sarcastically accommodates Snatcher's request, before reiterating his previous demand. Snatcher goes along willingly, resigning himself to his fate for now.

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