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The Aracuan Bird is perhaps the most powerful character yet featured in any of the Villain War series. First appearing in The Three Caballeros, the bird's terrifying war-cry strikes fear into any who hear it, and it has been known to send entire armies and even gods fleeing for the hills. Appearing in both Disney Heroes vs Villains and Heroes vs Villains, the Aracuan Bird easily turns the tides of battle wherever it apppears.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

In an alternate timeline, when the demon Chernabog arrived in the mortal world to bring his might to bear against the assembled hero forces, he was instead met by the Aracuan Bird, who quickly sprung into action. Singing his war song, the Aracuan Bird shook the very earth with the force of his voice. Even Chernabog himself could do nothing against the Bird's power, and wisely retreated back into the underworld. It is unknown if the Bird will make himself known in the main timeline, but woe betide any who cross his path.

Heroes Vs Villains War

When the Blue Meanies lent their aid to the villain forces, attacking a collection of heroes including Littlefoot's Friends and Winnie the Pooh's companions, their absurd weaponry and unorthodox tactics soon overwhelmed the heroes. Again, the chaos disturbed the Aracuan Bird, who, feeling benevolent, decided to focus its ire on the Blue Meanies instead of the heroes. Once again the hills shook with its magnificent battle cry, striking fear into the hearts of the Blue Meanies. Their weapons had no effect on the bird, and their numbers were as nothing. The Blue Meanies retreated, and the Bird let them leave unharmed, knowing it had taught them a lesson they would not soon forget.

The wacky little bird appeared again in the final battle for Patch Of Heaven where helped fend off some of Cat R. Waul’s henchmen by deflecting one of the cat‘s dagger’s at him.

He appeared once again during the final battle at the Bald Mountain factory by blasting Rinkus and Sierra out of the scene with a thing of dynamite.