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April Franklin and her talking cat Darwin.

April Franklin is the eponymous protagonist of the French animated film April and the Extraordinary World. A descendant of the long-line scientific family of the famed Franklins, April lives in an alternate timeline of Imperial France during the rule of the Bonapartists, where industrialization is based on coal and burning wood. Due to the absence of the scientists Albert Einstein and Enrico Fermi, technological development was driven to stagnation, leaving the resources of Earth to grow thinned, with forests being deforested and the planet's atmosphere being polluted by gas. In order to anticipate the world's survival, April and her family worked on a serum for ever-lasting life in hopes of improving the world's health. Their work had produced a talking cat named Darwin, who accompanied April as her personal companion and familiar. Later on, April and her allies uncovered a sinister conspiracy by two meddling experiments, the intelligent komodo dragons Rodrigue and Chimène, who once suffered at the hands of Emperor Napoleon III and Marshal Bazaine. Standing up against the sadistic Rodrigue, April and her allies managed to foil the experiment's plans of world domination, killing him before he could further damage. She also provided securing for the abducted scientists Einstein and Fermi, who used oil as an alternate energy source to end wars over fuel source, all the while securing a new serum that planted vegetation on Earth and on the Moon.

April also appears in the second Heroes vs. Villains as one of the researchers who assist Ludwig Von Drake in his contribution to help the the war effort on the side of good.

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