Apocalypse is a powerful enemy of the xmen, he is a major player in the disney vs marvel war part two

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War Part Two


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Mr. Sinister gathered materials, attentive to the lives of several enemies, lost several allies, all to prepare for the return of Apocalypse, apocalypse merges with the technology  its

pyramid to prepare for war.

The Battle of Egypt

During the middle of the Battle of egypt apocalypse emerges, his first act is to kill Sa'luk and the leader of the opposing faction: Frollo, Jafar attacks by shooting energy apocalypse so it ordered his horsemen to help him, while frollo forces take care of sinister and its mutants, Jafar faces Apocalypse personally using a golden beetle, sending them both to an unknown destination.

Only Second Rate

The final battle continues in Agrabah, Jafar through a musical number tries to show Apocalypse can not win, Apocalypse try to beat jafar but his magic is too powerful, Apocalypse ends up trapped in a pyramid of energy, which is destroyed in a energy explosion destroying the god.

Apocalypse in Live Action Universe

Disney Vs Comics War

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