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Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses Made by Saverio Gamba aka Scarr94 it's inspired of Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains.

Round 1

1. The Devil vs Him

2. Mojo Jojo vs Sally Stageplay

3. King Dice vs Dodoria

4. Yamu and Spopovich vs Djimi the Genie

5. Epilogue

Round 2

1. Dr. Kahl vs Android 19 and Android 20 (Dr. Gero)

2. Bubu vs Werner Wermar (Part 1)

3. Intermission

4. Team Rocket vs The Tipsy Troop

5. Bubu and Cassius vs Werner Wermar (Part 2)

6. Pui Pui vs Djimi the Genie

7. Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa vs Mangosteen and Mr. Wheezy

8. Epilogue

Round 3

1. Prologue

2. Him and Envy vs Cala Maria

3. Captain Brineybeard vs Yakon

4. The Root Pack vs The Gangreen Gang

5. Intermission

6. Black Goku vs Cagney Carnation

7. Android 14 and Android 15 vs Android 17 and Android 18 vs Dr. Kahl

8. Epilogue

Round 4

1. Cutscene

2. Zarbon vs Hopus Pocus

3. Cancer Deathmask and Fish vs The Devil

4. Phantom Express vs Cui

5. Team Rocket vs Goopy Le Grande

6. Dabura vs Cala Maria

7. Android 18 vs Android 14 and 15 vs Dr Kahl

8. Epilogue

9. Special Intense Cutscene

Round 5 :

1. Prologue

2. Seth vs Grim Matchstick

3. Grumblemon vs the Cyclops

4. Raditz vs Rumour Honeybottoms vs Black Goku

Events for the First War

Part One

Two demonic entities named Him and the Devil battle for the dominion over Hell. Who will be the new ruler of the place?

Having recently conquered Townsville, Mojo Jojo prepares a wedding with his new spouse named Sally Stageplay, however, she attacks him so she can have the city for herself as a new mayor. However, the monkey scientist surely isn't one to be underestimated...

King Dice has heard that Frieza went to Planet Namek in order to find the Dragon Balls and have his immortality wish to come true. Anyways, the Casino trickster starts his plans of defeating Frieza by taking out one of the emperor's most loyal soldier. His first victim is Dodoria, who started destroying all the Namekian population.

From orders of the wizard Babidi, Yamu and Spopovitch have found a strong power level standing on their way and decide to steal it from Djimi the Genie. However, the due may need help or are they capable of doing this mission without problems?

Frieza, having heard of Dodoria's death by Zarbon, prepares for war and sends Zarbon to a mission.

Radamanthys and Spopovich arrive to Babidi's ship, where he is recruited and hires two new allies to replace Spopovich after he took the energy from Djimi the Genie.

The Devil recruits more allies to take down Babidi after the defeat of his old friend Djimi.

Villains across the world prepare for war to decide which types of villains are better.

And King Dice recruits a new ally in order to defeat Frieza

Part Two

Two androids attacked the West Capital killing innocent people, anyways, Dr. Kahl decides to conquer the city himself. As Dr. Gero sends Android 19 to dispose of the treat, is he prepared for what Dr. Kahl has in store?

Bubu and Cassius were hunting two animals until a rat stops them...

A creature starts attacking some people and kills them without exception

After Charles vi Britannia's death at his hands, Lelouch started to collaborate with Giovanni as they send the Team Rocket to take down the Tipsy Troop, whose are planning to terrorize Japan. Who will have the upper hand?

The fight starts as it seeks one victor... Which side is going to be victorious

Djimi has restored his own energy and starts to attack Babidi's ship by dealing with one of his underlings. His first victim? Pui Pui.

Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa plan to take down Frieza for what he did to Planet Vegeta. As they are interrupted by Mr. Wheezy, they just ignore him...

Dr. Gero, after his defeat against Dr. Kahl, decides to release his other two androids from deep slumber.

Babidi, Dabura and Radamanthys, before sending another warrior to deal with Djimi, summon seven new allies to act as reinforcements.

King Dice recruits Mr. Wheezy, who plots revenge on Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta.

Djimi recruits a new ally to help him out against Babidi and his allies

Part Three

After being woken up by Dr. Gero, Android 17 and 18 rebel against their creator as they mercilessly kill him. As soon they finish Dr. Gero off, the androids are manipulated by Lelouch to do his bidding.

As his head is crushed, Dr. Gero's blood goes inside a machine ready to bring new androids on the battlefield.

After destroying many citizens from various cities, Cell forges "an alliance" with Dr. Kahl so he can reach perfection. The scientist accepts.

While going to Babidi's spaceship, Him and Envy are attacked by Cala Maria, who decided to stop them under the Devil's orders. Are two heads better than one?

Babidi sends out his other lackey, the monstrous Yakon, to take down Djimi the Genie once and for all. Anyways, Captain Brineybeard decides to step in an attempt to help his friend. Who will win? This energy draining monster or a sailor with a ship? Even if Yakon fails, Babidi has another henchman to send out against Djimi...

Mojo Jojo starts his attack on the Cuphead Bosses by sending out the Gangreen Gang to deal with the Root Pack. Anyways, as soon as they find in danger, a certain "insectoid man" is going to "give them a hand"...

Two new androids released by Dr. Gero's computer start causing havoc and destruction over the city to kill Dr. Kahl and Lelouch, only to find their brothers...

Meanwhile, Fuzzy Lumpkins informs Mojo Jojo that the same monster that attacked some cities has murdered the Gangreen Gang the same way he did to all the citizens from all the world. However, Lelouch emerges and forges an alliance with Mojo Jojo and Fuzzy so they could surely beat the Cuphead Bosses and Cell once and for all. The remaining criminals accept in order to avenge their fallen teammates.

After Yakon's defeat, Captain Brineybeard and Djimi the Genie are greeted by the Devil, who recruits them so he could take down Babidi and prevent Majin Buu's revival. On the other hand, Babidi watches this. As Dabura goes training in a special room, the wizard and Radamanthys send out Cancer and Fish to deal with the intruders.

A monster named Cagney Carnation has started attacking innocent people. Anyways, he must confront with Black Goku, who wants to kill all humanity to rule in a world without mortals standing in his way. Who will start this massive genocide?

Android 17 and 18 (under Lelouch's Geass) start attacking their brothers 14 and 15 because they are loyal androids to Dr. Gero after his death. As Dr. Kahl joins in, what happens when an old android and a new one show up?

King Dice starts thinking of something to deal with Frieza and his men after recruiting an old friend of Mr Wheezy named Mango.

Mojo Jojo informs Lelouch that Cell has absorbed Android 17 and now he's after Android 18. On the other hand, the emperor of Britannia summons his right hand man Suzaku Kururugi to take down Cell, much to Fuzzy Lumpkins' joy.

The Devil is ready to deal with Babidi's new warriors...

Meanwhile, the saiyan conqueror Turles and his space pirates forge an alliance with Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta in order to defeat Frieza and have the rule over the Galaxy. The prince of all Saiyans accepts the offer.

From Zarbon's suggestion, Frieza summons his other lackeys: the Ginyu Force are coming on Planet Namek!!!

Part Four

Turles decides to show something to Vegeta as he meets some friends of his from another universe whose helped him with his ideas of joining the surviving saiyans.

From orders of Frieza, Zarbon sets out to take down one of King Dice's allies. However, Hopus Pocus (sent by King Dice himself to kill Zarbon), corners him. The rabbit may be a magician, but Frieza's right hand man is surely not to underestimate like Dodoria...

Cancer and Fish come out from Babidi's spaceship and set their eyes on fighting someone. Unlikely for them, the Devil volunteers to take down Radamanthys' lackeys. In this fight, the Devil may be helped out by his new ally...

While Zarbon is dealing with Hopus Pocus, Frieza sends out another one of his underlings named Cui to take down other allies of King Dice in order to defeat him. Cui encounters the Phantom Express, who is scaring away the surviving Namekians. Will Frieza's underling survive?

Lelouch starts sending out his allies for war as he sends the Team Rocket to take down another Cuphead Boss. As they find Goopy le Grande, the scurvy rascals think he's easy to deal with. However, they must be thinking twice before judging a book by its cover...

After Cancer and Fish's death at his hands, the Devil revives an old player who was taken out by Him and Envy. Cala Maria returns but with a new form and new powers. Some minutes later, a new challenger approaches the Cuphead Bosses. The challenger is none other than Dabura. However, Cala Maria volunteers to take down Babidi's right hand man. She may have acquired great powers, but can she compete with Dabura's powers?

Meanwhile, Suzaku Kururugi captures a Cuphead Boss.

After Dabura's glorious victory, Babidi and Radamanthys (followed by Dabura) hatch a final scheme to take down the Devil and his allies one and for all.

While Android 13, Android 17 and Cell fight like dogs and cats, Android 18 decides to hunt down Dr. Kahl and the Androids 14 and 15. As soon as the androids are removed from the competition, Android 13 decides to evolve just like Cell did...

Informed of Cui's death, Frieza decides to send Zarbon to deal with the Phantom Express in order to stop King Dice.

With the Team Rocket missing and with Suzaku successful, Lelouch has a meeting with the scientist Dr. Eggman in order to have him helping the Britannian forces since they must eliminate the only threats that stay on their way: Android 13, Dr. Kahl, Goopy and Cell.

Meanwhile, Babidi inform to his allies that he wants to summon a legendary powerful demon to aid them. However, Dabura is against this as Radamanthys tells him that if the demon's not gonna obey to them, they will destroy him. However, they need a sacrifice to summon him and Babidi sends out Lust and Gluttony to take down the remaining Cuphead Bosses

And Bubu gathers an army of his own to deal with Wermar Wermar and his allies once and for all

Vegeta gathers his newly formed alliance to plan a counter attack against King Dice and Frieza. However he is visited by the Skeleton King and Dark Oak's faction, who want to join him in his uprising to become the emperor of the universe. Vegeta first fears them, but then decides to recruit them. These events are anyway discovered by the faction to which Turles joined, much to their leaders and allies' horror

Part Five

The Devil finally reveals why he plans to take out Babidi before he can resurrect Majin Buu: he wants to sacrifice him to revive an old friend of his perished because of Satan himself. To aid his master, Djimi the Great revives Bendy to serve his master's cause, much to Brineybeard's joy unaware that Babidi and his goons are overhearing their discussion and have foresaw Bendy's resurrection.

After the Team Rocket's failure, Dr. Eggman reveals to Lelouch that he has created a new robot to serve their cause.

King Dice sends Rumour Honeybottoms to start an attack on Frieza

In Gero's lab, Suzaku has the lab destroyed with his Lancelot.

From orders of Vegeta, the Skeleton King orders Raditz and Nappa to start attacking both factions.

The Team Rocket may be down, but it's not out as a new player recruits them into his faction.

Black and Zamasu finally put into action their Zero Mortal Plan as they get rid of two allies of Lelouch.

And Mr. Theodore Peterson reveals his faction to the Team Rocket as they discover an old associate of Giovanni's team.

Having heard of a fearsome dragon known as Grim Matchstick, Lelouch hires the dinosaur user known as Seth to dispose of it. His Saurophaganex may be strong, but the dragon may be even more stronger, especially when it has three heads.

A mysterious benefactor hired Grumblemon to assassinate a Cyclops well known in the Digimon Realm because of its massive size. Will Grumblemon be able to deal with the Cyclops? And why Lucifer is here?

Black Goku has travelled to Namek, where he wants to kill all mortals. His first victims are none other than Raditz and Rumour Honeybottoms, who are fighting eachother from orders of their respective employers. As one of them grabs the win, the "fake" Goku makes his move.