Anime Villains War is a tournament made by the Italian Youtuber Disney Knight. There is also a new version of the war created by Kokoro Yasashīdesu.

Original Battles

Round 1:

Xene and The Genesis vs King Zenoheld

Dr. Eggman vs Suzaku Kururugi

Leontes van de Montague vs King Dedede & Bugzzy

Radamanthys vs Apollo


Round 2:

Bowser vs Magolor

Lelouch vi Britannia vs Light Yagami

Cancer Deathmask & Pisces Aphrodite vs Arles of Gemini

Marcus vs King Dedede


Round 3:

Vector vs Him

Lync & Volt vs Janus & Dvalin

Kaos' Mother vs Classic Robotnik

Glumshanks vs Mephiles


Round 4:


Black Lady & Kracko vs Quinton

Janus & Dvalin vs Suzaku and The Dark Emperors

Ridley vs Landia

Light Yagami vs Right & Team Nightstar


Round 5:


Attack of the Legendary Pokémon

Kyogre vs The forces of Radamante

Trey vs Groudon

Rayquaza vs the Forces of King Dedede

Ridley vs Galleom


Round 6


Number 96 vs Eris

Dr. Eggman vs Prince Hydron

Quattro vs King Dedede & Darkrai

Bowser vs Dark Matter


Round 7:


Battle of the Grand Temple

Battle of Subspace


Round 8:

Battle of Tokyo

The Forces of CC vs the Forces of Suzaku

The Forces of Xene vs the Forces of Charles zi Britannia


Round 9:

Battle of the Montague Castle

Inferno of Terra


Inazuma Knight's Reboot

Round 1:


Xene and The Genesis vs Rei Ogami

Bowser vs Tiki Tong

Cyclonus vs Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic

Vector vs Arles of Gemini

King Dedede and Slice n' Splice vs Leontes van de Montague and Ophelia

Azalea vs Oberon


First War of Kokoro Yasashīdesu

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Events of the War

Part One

As the Akatsuki is revived, Orochimaru wants to join the team, But in order to do that Pain assigns him to kill a supposed god by the Name of Eneru, Eneru thinks this will be easy but he must not underestimate this snake ninja.

On a distant planet a warrior known as separate lies there, but Frieza decides to challenge the white haired Warrior will he be able to conquer the planet by killing this reality breaker or does Sephiroth have a trick up his sleeve?

The Nazi Lord known as the major it's trying to take over the world once again as he's revived and he sends two of his best men known as Jan and Luke Valentine to take out some people that tried again their way, on the Valentine Brothers way there they are spotted by King Bradley who sends three of his guards known as Lust, Gluttony and Envy to deal with these zombie leading Brothers which Mass murderers will come out Victorious?

With team Hollow Aizen tells his best man known as Gin to send a "message" To Lucci, when he got there Lucci Spots him as Gin challenges him, Bluenose decides to face him as they fight, Aizen arrives and tells them that Gin misunderstood what he said.

Goku Black comes from the future to find trunks but instead he finds a duel monster crazy magician known as Marik who offers to team up with him but Goku Black refuses, so Marik decides to challenge the wannabe Saiyan God who will be the Victor and real decider of Darkness?

Part Two

Somewhere in Space The Black Lady meets up with the saiyans to help them get revenge on Frieza and wants to rule the universe by vegetas side

Meanwhile with the Akatsuki the Leader, Pain tells them about a witch named Medusa, to capture her he instructs the Immortal Duo, Hidan and Kakuzu to capture her and tells them not to fail or there will be consequences.

At the Marine Ford Sangoku lines up his army for the attack of the pirates only for one of his Soliders to tell him about the upcoming war.

After his fight with Marik Goku black gets information on a strong warrior who can help them with their Zero mortal plan and explains it to Zamasu who agrees to this But they Didn't go unwatched.....

 After being Resurrected, the Ninja known as Madara is approached by a Demigod known as Wyzen who asked him to come back to his side, only to get into a battle with him Can Wyzen destroy this "Traitor"?

 In a farm far from the battlefield, a herd of sheep were about to rest but instead they are attacked by the wolf king: Wu but it seems that another wolf wants a sheep too, but it doesn't seem like Wu wants to share so who will become the true wolf king....oh it seem's the sheep ran away 

 After reaching of the location of Medusa, the Immortal duo decide to let theirselves but before they go after the witch, They will have to get past her Child: Crona who should not be underestimated in this 2 on 1

 In the planet of Beerus, who is board out of his mind wants to be entertained so he tells his master Whis to see what was on

On earth two people were hunting for a so called hollow from a bounty but they are soon found by the Hollow, who will get him first....better question will they be able to survive?

 Greed is trying to find a type of treasure but instead, Envy finds him and tells him about a Quincy that is interrupting their plans to take over earth, So greed takes care of it but he shouldn't have underestimated the blind Quincy.

Injured From the Fight with Wu Darcia Was found by Glox of the ten Commandments who turns the wolf back into his original Form.

As Robotnik Was planning to rule the world his old friend Dr. Wily Has arrived to work together like they did in the Archie universe.

After her meeting with the Saiyans, The Black Lady waits alone but thats when her best friend Mistress 9 arrives with a strange looking gem that she mistakes as the Silver Crystal.

Part Three

After Hearing about the war The marines get ready for their battle stations to get their army set up for an incoming attack.

After Their partnership Dr. Wily had reinforces of three digimon and a mask wearing psychopath for their war and the continue their plan to take over the world and prove that they can become to leader of the war and nothing will Stop them in their path.

After getting ready the Marine leader, Akainu is still on the hunt to destroy any pirates in the war, until he was stalked by a robot (who was sent by Dr. Gero) who was made to attack the Marines and their forces At first Akainu was having trouble so Kizaru decides to help out.

7 years later, After absorbing Android 17 and Android 18, Cell achieves perfection and prepares himself for war, however a duelist named Shark (nickname of the barian emperor Nash) challenges him to a duel. Ready for action in war, the perfect being accepts, preparing unstopping attacks to take him out...

Back to the present, As a Rogue Demon wonders the earth he is found by the Fencing brothers, who wants to take his Jagan for a large amount of money but in the end they are no match thats when reinforcements show up are they able to run down Hiei?

As Dr. Z was working at making more dinosaurs he gets a call from Seth, who informs him about another group of villain called Team Rocket who might take their Dinosaurs, So Dr. Z sent his minions The Alpha leaded by Ursula to take our the Pokemon stealers who will come out on top?

After invading a castle of the Dragneel's, Nnitora was gonna destroy the castle but that was until the the owner of the castle, Zeref comes to stop the destruction by taking on the one eyed Quincy by himself, they begin to fight but that fight comes to an end as Zeref's Black Magic star acting up.

At Frieza's ship he is having a meeting with the Leader of the beast from the spirit realm to inform that the one winged angel should be destroyed.

While waiting for Hidan and Kakuzu Pain with his army of ninja's he decides its time to strike against their enemy while Tobi watches.

With the Demigods, Deus is wondering where his ally Wyzen is. Then Angus reveals that he was thrown of a cliff by a ninja so Deus decides he'll change up the Demigod games.

Finally with Goku Black and Zamasu have everything ready for their summoning of the strongest demon from the Cosmos

Part Four

Looking to remain as the top gang in New York, La Squadra decides to strike against a rival organization known as Snake. Formaggio volunteers to send a message to them. However, Liang Qi finds out about this and sends one of her assassins to eliminate the threat. The assassin may be old, but he's agile and has a bloodthirsty attitude, but his lack of wisdom may come back to bite him.

On his mission to get more allies for Orochimaru he was encountered by the assassin, C.Viper who wants to kill the young Ninja but even when he is fighting an unexpected ally shows up to take care of the killer Street Fighter.

Wanting to test her strength in the war and had recently learnt about one of Frieza's top generals: Zarbon. Dr. Wily tasks Ranamon to take him down seeing this is her chance to prove her worth to both Wily and Dr. Robotnik she accepts the mission and tracks Zarbon down while he was sent by Frieza to gather any possible allies to join him in his plan to destroy Sephiroth once and for all.

After Starting to stop all the "evil" in the war with the rising of his demon, he goes to Ragyo for assistance and he will make sure no rivals get in his way. With the meeting of Ragyo he discussed that he needs help with the ritual, So Ragyo sends her daughter to kill anyone who gets in the way starting with the Android scientist Dr. Gero. At Gero's lab he is working on something that was until Nui had entered his lab to kill him but it looks like Gero had a secret weapon all along, it looks like Nui is outmatched in this one.

As Gajeel goes to his leader he is informed that a scientist has made a robot to take over the world, As Gajeel gets there he sends his Poachers to take care of it but he should Not Underestimate this robotic hedgehog and now after Metal Sonic informs that Gajeel will be arrested for trespassing Gajeel takes this Chance to fight. Which metal head will win?

Back in the Quincy's home, Aizen plans to form an alliance with more allies. So he sends the Carta Issue (Gin's New Wife) to find any villains to help with their forces and Gin wants her to be careful. Soon she encounters lord Beerus who wants her to go join her faction but he refuses Carta really worth Lord Beerus's time?

Frost runs away from Frieza's forces until he was found by Medusa Gorgon who asked what was wrong. Frost explains that Frieza killed his first saiyan friend by the name of Gine by blowing up the planet he once lived on. Medusa offer's to be Forst new friend and wants to help get revenge on Frieza for killing his Home.

Part Five

After his Fight With Cobra, Sensui goes to one of his allies the Seaman to stop anyone who gets in their way of ruling the world and hopes to see a good show.

With Dodoria and Cui as they fly through a planet they find their ally Zarbon on the ground who was injured from his battle against Ranamon a water Digimon. And after telling the story he then plots out revenge of the female Digimon

After the attack on at King Bradley's castle the three Homunculi have a meeting with there leader who they tell about how they won and killed everyone of them. But Bradley knows that they haven't killed Luke valentine who is searching through the castle to search for the beast they captured and he sends Lust, Envy and Gluttony to stop him.

After getting Order's From Sensui to stop anyone from taking Sensui's place of ruling the planet Kioshimi goes to Zeref's Castle to kill him only to encounter his loyal solider Invel. After the encounter they engage in battle who come Victorious, The water Demon or the Smart ice user?

After fixing up another creation to take on any strong warrior he makes A prototype of his new organic lifeform, a Mewtwo Prototype and left it a his secret lab but Dr. Wily knew about it and wants the experimental Pokémon for himself and use it for his needs so Protoman goes to deal with it. As he arrives he tells the Mewtwo to come quietly but the Mewtwo loses his mind and attack's Protoman and when Protoman sends the robot masters, Mewtwo might need a helping hand.

The demi god waits for someone to challenge him and Luckily Zosine one of the dark queens 4th Conquerors who wants to challenge the demi god to get information but until then Augus wants to know where the hell did Zosine come from.

With Grimmjow he is bored and wants to end his boredom, so he looks for someone to fight and he finds Raditz who is willing to fight although the fight had a toll sometimes things aren't what they always seem.

After infiltrating Medusa's Castle by defeating Crona, the Immortal Duo, Hidan and Kakuzu search in the castle for Medusa to take prisoner. They find Medusa who was waiting for them and was about to get caught but it seems that she has backup plans when her ally, Frost attacks them and a two on two brawl starts to break all hell as the fight begins but even with The Immortal duo's Leader Kakuzu's explosive ability it just won't be enough to kill the two sadistic Villains.

Invel returns after his fight with the Seaman" he goes back to Zeref who has the three members of the twelve on his side to help with the war.

In a Nazi airship the Major arrives in the war after Jan and Luke (who he thinks is dead) failed to capture anything Paranormal in King Bradley's castle

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