The Animatronic Hook is the animatronic version of the original disney villain, Captain Hook, and a boss battle in the video game, "Epic Mickey. The Animatronic Hook is a minor player in the second part of Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 2

The Animatronic Hook appears as part of the Mad Doctor's experiments. When he gets called by Dr. Calico that aliens may threaten their plans, the Mad Doctor dispatches Hook at the Emperor Zurg's space-ship. There he finds the AUTO in charge of the ship. Thinking him like an easy target, Hook blasts dark blobs at AUTO, deleting the robot's essence. However, Hook is surprised to discover that AUTO was just a distraction. Upon AUTO's defeat, Count Dooku reveals himself. After he mocks the sith's powers, he draws his sword with Dooku's lightsaber. Despite his efforts, Hook easily meets his demise, when Dooku slashes his left hand and then continues to destroy the entire body with "the Force".

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