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The Angry Mob is a group of farmers, first appearing in the George Orwell's novel, The Animal Farm, and it's resulted 1954 film adaptation. The Mob is also featured in the final events of Heroes vs. Villains War, as a small unit of the Animal Cruelty Squad's faction, formely led by Mr. Jones, and later by Cruella De Ville, before their defeat at the Patch of Heaven ranch.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Battle at Greed's Mansion

The Angry Mob, led by Mr. Jones, participates in the Battle at Dr. Greed's Mansion, fighting against the animal heroes. Initially, Pongo jumps at one farmer, tearing his clothing, with the farmer fleeing away. Another farmer gets caught by Dodger, who easily knocks him out from the battle. Elsewhere, another farmer is ambushed by Tramp, as the dog easily jumps on the farmer, taking him out. Fearing the ferocity of the animals, the Angry Mob escapes from Greed's mansion, as soon as possible.

The Battle at Patch of Heaven

In the later events, Cruella De Ville, Jones' commanding superior, convinces the Animal Cruelty Squad's faction, along with the remain farmers of Jones, to retake the Patch of Heaven ranch, now ruled by animals, as the latter was part of their territory. The Squad members accept her plan, and set off to the ranch. However, the farmers head off, without Jones, seeing him as worthless in his previous battles against the animal heroes, supposedly joining Cruella's assault on the farm. When some of the villains begin to fail to the heroes, Cruella orders the farmers to attack. However, just as they approach the farm's barn, the young hero Cody releases several barrels, driving the farmers out of the barn. On the commotion, one farmer grabs a said barrel and toss it at the cow Maggie, knocking her off. Another farmer makes the foolish mistake to blast away Mrs. Calloway's hat, provoking her into berserk rage, as she fully charged at him, knocking him out. Witnessing that the battle has turned on the heroes' favor, the farmers retreat from the farm, never the be seen again.