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Disney Villains War 3

Watching Blackbeard's death

Captain Hook and Maleficent had located the fountain of youth but found it guarded by Blackbeard, who had previously used it to restore his life, and his daughter Angelica. Hook and Blackbeard started clashing swords until Blackbeard knocked Hook down. At the same time, Angelica held Maleficent at blade point. But Maleficent knocked her away with a little blast of magic. Maleficent then used her magic to make the water around the fountain tear the flesh from Blackbeard's bones, killing him as Angelica looked on in horror.

Villains Battles 3

Vs Maleficent and Skeletor

Two old faces have found the Fount of Youth, however they are interrupted by the Mistress of all Evil and Skeletor and a battle erupts. Which side will get the Fount of Youth?