Andy's Brother (Alfred J. Kwak)

Andy's Brother, (Wannes for Dutch) is the sibling figure to Andy and a childhood friend to Dolf. He appears as a minor villain in the television series, Alfred J. Kwak. A poor and a street duck, who resulted to be a high ranking soldier and a close general to Dolf's newest community, the National Crows Party, in the later events of the original series. The Brother of Andy is slightly depicted in the events of Non-Disney Villains Tournament, though Andy himself does not make up in the tournament physically.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

The Brother of Andy makes a cameo appearance, as he is sent by Cat R. Waul, along with several troops, to capture the turkey judge, Rupee, to whom he considers a threat, and bring him to Dolf's jail. He does not appear afterwards.

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