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Anastasia as a grown adult woman

Last of the Romanovs

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova is the titular protagonist of the animated movie Anastasia. Daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, emperor of Russia, she was separated from her family during the Bolshevik Revolution. In the present, she seeks out her remaining family, with the help of the former smuggler and her future love interest, Dimitri, the kind and gentle assistant, Vladimir, and the heroic animal companion, Pooka. Though she crossed paths with the mad monk Grigori Rasputin, the cause of her family's troubles, Anastasia managed to defeat the sorcerer and took her place as Dimitri's companion. She is featured as one of the main heroines who participate in the early events of Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Anastasia only appears in a flashback of Rasputin in the finale of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war, being the cause of the mad monk's pursuit of power.

Anastasia as a young child

Heroes Vs Villains War


Anastasia appears in the early events of the war, having boarded a train out of Russia along with Dimitri and Vladimir to escape the Soviet Union's sphere of influence and live a peaceful life in the western mainland of Europe. However, she was pursued by other nefarious forces, as Hades, the God of Death, arrives to kill the Russian princess on orders of Rasputin. The god of the death unleashed his mighty powers, pulling the train out of its track and destroying a bridge. Though they believed they were done for, Anastasia, Dimitri, and Vladimir escaped from the train in the nick of time.

Realising that they are threatened in the mainland of Europe, Anastasia and her companions boarded a ship to America to avoid persecution from their attackers. Sadly for them, Rasputin and his allies have caught word of their escape; the dark fairy Maleficent uses her powers to create a storm and mesmerize the Russian princess, tempting her to jump out of the ship. Fortunately, Dimitri came to rescue her from a nearly suicidal attempt, much to the frustration of the villains. Ultimately, they arrive in America with no repercussions.


While avoiding any potential threat, Anastasia and her companions encounter the French noblewoman Lady Tremaine, having also been sent by Rasputin to capture her. Anastastia was an easy target for Tremaine's daughters Drizella and Anastasia, who tear her royal dress. When Dimitri rush to save the princess, Tremaine blast him away with the powers of her magic wand. With Dimitri out of the way, Tremaine uses the powers of the wand to teleport herself, Anastasia, and her daughters out of the reach of her friends.

After being captured, Anastasia is brought to Mok's facility along with other imprisoned heroines, including Angel, Princess Jasmine, and Princess Yum-Yum. During those moments, the four of them make several attempts to escape, to no vail however. Just as things seemed loomed for the heroines, a new arrival step into the scene, as Cindy Schlepper, the younger sister of the Schlepper Brothers, broke into their cell.  While being puzzled about her intrusion, Cindy's kind nature earn their trust, as she propose to find a way to escape from the facility. With her aid, Anastasia and the other heroines escape from the facility.

Joining the Resistance

On the run, Cindy, Anastasia, and her fellow allies arrive in Club 666 on the request of Cindy to dance on stage. There, they meet with a large crowd, filled with people of any kind. In the confusion, the heroines met Mickey Mouse's canine companion Pluto, who had previous run-ins with Jasmine, having been close with her during Mickey's stay in Agrabah. Soon enough, they are joined by Jim, Mulan, Osmosis Jones, and Drix, who are relieved to find some of the escaped persecutors. However, they shockingly realise that the leaders of the resistance, including Aladdin, Omar, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, were captured by Mok's minions, who was currently ascending the skies with his zeppelin, as Pluto pointed out. Recognizing the danger they possess, Anastasia and her newfound allies decide to return to Mount Sinai, the base of the resistance movement, and bring some reinforcements to free their friends.

Upon arriving on the scene, the forces of Maleficent and the Horned King arrive to strike at the resistance's vulnerable moment. Anastasia looks on as the villains teleport several heroes to their strongholds. The remain heroes are relieved by the arrival of Moses, who drove the Horned King and his forces away from the mountain. Still, Anastasia and her camaraderie have to bury those who perished in the aftermath of the Firebird's attack, mourning their losses. However, they still didn't give up, joining the task-force of Phoebus and Osmosis Jones to rescue their friends from Queen Grimhilde's castle. Though mostly joined as spectator, Anastasia allow most of the freed captors to safety, after they broke into the Queen's castle. Eventually, the heroes rejoined with Moses back on Sinai, deciding to secure their hold against the villains' attacks.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

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