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Amos Slade is the primary antagonist of the 1981 Disney animated picture, The Fox and the Hound. Though his characterization as a villain is somewhat dubious, he is credited by Disney as the villain of his film. Just an everyday hunter, Amos Slade is an experienced trapper and tracker. He plays a minor role in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Shan Yu hires Amos Slade to kill Tzekel Khan, a villain from the first war released from prison on a technicality. Amos agrees, invading Incan territory so to shoot Khan down. Amos Slade foolishly cuts a trip-wire, cuing Khan to the hunter's whereabouts. Though Slade gets a shot off, he only manages to distract Khan momentarily. Within instants, Khan uses his conjuring skills to horrify Slade, sending the hunter tumbling down a cliff face. Slade survives the fall, but, in his fear, steps into his own bear trap. As Eris approaches Khan with an offer of alliance, Slade is left to bleed to death.

Disney Villains War

Joining Coachman

Unconcerned with the larger events of the war, the Coachman, head of Pleasure Island, was looking to expand his operations and add new attractions to his amusement park. Contracting two hunters, Alameda Slim and Amos Slade, the Coachman sent them out to capture exotic and dangerous animals, not knowing his plans were overheard by Doctor Facilier.

Hunting a bear

Slade found himself up against a more challenging enemy in the backwoods of Minnesota, running afoul of the powerful grizzly bear Lumpjaw. The bear easily took out Slade's hunting dog, Chief, before turning his attention to the hunter. After a fearsome chase, Slade finally got the better of his adversary, shooting him and knocking him into a river. However, this proved to be a pyhrric victory, as he had lost both his loyal companion and his quarry.

Meet his end

On Pleasure Island, the Coachman and his employees were shipping in new children-turned-donkeys for labor, only to be confronted by Doctor Facilier, who needed a magic talisman in the Coachman's possession to wrap up his master plan. Refusing Facilier's offers of partnership, the Coachman sent Alameda Slim and Amos Slade after the god of the dead, forcing Facilier to summon the Headless Horseman. The spector killed Slade.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Clopin

Although his men believed they had located the Court of Miracles, Frollo was ready to capture the gypsies, but didn't want to walk into a potential trap. Explaining his situation to the American hunter Amos Slade, Frollo sent him in to scout the area. Slade went to the area found by Frollo's generals, where he found a gypsy wagon passing through. Firing at the wheels, Slade forced the wagon off the road, only to be surrounded by gypsies under the command of King Clopin. Slade tried to shoot him with his gun, but Clopin threw fire at his feet, distracting him long enough to retreat into the darkness. As Slade traveled further into the Court, threatened with hanging by Clopin, he came across some skeleton puppets and, startled, raised his gun to defend himself. Clopin suddenly appeared and cut the heads off the skeletons with a sword, sending Slade sprawling back. Terrified by the experience, Slade fled from the Court, swearing not to cross the gypsies again.

Joining hunters

Though Chief would survive his injuries, Copper blamed Tod for the accident, realizing that if he had allowed Slade to catch Tod, Chief would never have been put in harm's way. As Copper swore to kill Tod himself the next time they met, Alameda Slim introduced Slade to McLeach's hunting party, telling him that they would make certain that Tod was caught.

Meeting with Scar and Shere Khan

At his hideout in the Pride Lands, McLeach and his hunting party discussed the fall of Ratcliffe. As if the defeat of their ally wasn't bad enough, it also turned out the fine print on the permit Alameda Slim had gotten from Winkie only permitted hunting in the forests of the Native Land which, thanks to the Firebird, had all been burned to the ground. At that moment, Scar and Shere Khan arrived with orders from Maleficent. Though McLeach was reluctant to accept any more work from Maleficent given how the war had been going, Scar promised them the opportunity for the hunt of a lifetime. Scar explained that Maleficent was planning to unleash the Firebird once again in order to summon Chernabog; McLeach and his hunters were to drive the forest animals into the Pride Land jungles while Scar's forces kept them from escaping. When the Firebird arrived, it would destroy the jungle and all the animals inside as a sacrifice to Chernabog. The hunters would have until the sun set to enjoy their hunt and take down as many of the animal heroes as they could before making their escape. Scar also told them that if they came across the Spring Sprite, they were to kill her on sight to prevent her from banishing the Firebird from the mortal plane again. Though McLeach didn't trust Scar, he agreed that his band had been idle for too long, and decided to follow through with the plan. As the hunters departed, Amos Slade pondered the strange events this hunting trip had brought and wondered just what he had gotten himself into.

Battle with Forces of Nature

In the Native Lands, McLeach and his hunters massed in force, chasing the animal heroes into the Pride Lands. Caught by surprise, the heroes could do nothing but run for cover. Seeing the chase begin, Nuka and Vitani set the savannah alight to begin the ritual.Slade moved in to assist Gaston with a group of hunting dogs, the Prince of the Forest arrived to protect Bambi and kicked Slade away.

Herded into the center of the jungle by their attackers, the heroes were confronted by Zira and Amos Slade.As Slade was about to shoot Kenai in the back, Pocahontas, John Smith, and the Sprite arrived, distracting him.Nuka chased Tod up the cliff, but Slade spotted the fox as well and, blinded by vengeance, shot at him. The shot missed Tod, but caused a rockslide that buried Nuka and the hunting dogs.Slade shot at the Spring Sprite, but before he could kill her, Pocahontas leapt in the way. Slade shouted at her to move, but Zira turned and attacked him in a rage. Brutally mauling Slade and knocking him into one of his own bear-traps, Zira was stopped by Copper when he came to his master's defense, but she turned her attention to him.

The heroes ran from the Firebird as it transformed into a lava flow. Amos Slade was caught in its path as he tried to free himself from the bear-trap Zira had knocked him into. Seeing he was about to die, the Sprite intervened, freeing Slade from the trap and allowing him and Copper to flee.As the heroes mourned the loss of their friends and their homes, they saw Amos Slade, the last of McLeach's hunters, holding the Spring Sprite at gunpoint. Though the heroes were too tired or injured to stop Slade before he could fire, Slade couldn't bring himself to kill the Sprite after she saved his life. Mentally and physically exhausted from the day's events, Slade departed. Copper also gave up his vendetta against Tod after his friend saved him from Zira, sharing a smile with Tod before departing with Slade.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Kaa and his friend

In the jungle Shere Khan tells Kaa and his wolf partner to go find anyone to control so they can hunt down the mancub or there will be consequences, so they find Slade who brought his two dogs Copper and Chief to help him go hunting but while they fight Wu can Kaa mind control Slade long enough to get rid of Mowgli?

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Fleshlumpeater

Seeking to get a reputation during the war, Amos Slade sets out to hunt down the Fleshlumpeater, who can be a threat to the entire world. Deciding to save the world, the old hunter begins to attack him. However, when the Fleshlumpeater injuries one of his dogs, he may have done a big mistake.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Dr.Octopus

After fixing Shere Khan the Vulture he is contacted by poachers (ie: Clayton, Percival McLeach and Amos Slade) to defeat the jungle animals, but at the same moment Doctor Octopus shows up, sent by Goblin to look for new allies, inviting Vulture to join the Goblin alliance, the poachers react badly to Octopus's proposal not wanting to lose such a precious ally, then the man dressed as a Bird proposes a challenge, whoever wins will have him in his alliance, then Amos Slade proposes himself as an Octopus challenger.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Shere Khan and Kaa

At the hunters' refuge, Amos Slade asks Mcleach and the Masked Marauder for help to avenge Elmer's death at the hands of Scar. Mcleach finding it unfair that one of their hunting companions has been killed sets off with Amos Slade to hunt Scar. But instead of the lion they find Shere Khan and Kaa who were waiting for the invaders to arrive to finish them off. Who will win?

Villains Battles

Joining hunters

With Elmer gone, Clayton and McLeach plan in getting rid of Raditz and Scar. Their plans are stopped by Amos Slade, who wants to help the remaining hunters in kill the lion and the Saiyan. The due welcome him in exchange of his respect upon them.

Vs Scar

Amos Slade finally found Scar, but little does he know is that he killed 2 friends of McLeach and Clayton. The hunter thinks that Scar is a easy prey to hunt, but Amos Will soon understand that he is tangled in a battle that he can't win...

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Yosemite Sam

Mr. Burns sends Yosemite Sam to kill the hunter, Amos Slade, for being a threat for him. A duel is set between the two hunters. Who will shoot first?

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Fleshlumper

The American Hunter battles The Giant! Amos Slade want to go get into the villain war with his hunting dogs Copper and Chief he wants to shoot the giant known as the Fleshlumpeater when Copper picks up a trail the hunter follows not knowing that the Fleshlumpeater giant was watch in them.