Ammut the Devourer is the Spirit Torturer and an evil Goddess of the Underworld. Her appearance is a mixture of a cat, a hippo and a crocodile. She appears as a minor villain in the television series, "Tutenstein". Ammut makes her debut in Non Disney Villains Tournament, regarding the villains tournaments.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Fighting A Goddess And A Bird

Ammut is summoned by Set, to deal with one of his rivals, Eris, the Goddess of Discord. At first the goddess, uses her powers to mind-control the beast, even though she manages to resist her doing. Seeing, that she is not an easy target, Eris summons a creature of her own, the Roc, to deal with her. However the Roc was smashed by a boulder, from the High Priests of Egypt. In fact they were monsters after they had make a deal with Set. In her anger, Eris throws away both Hotep and Huy and Ammut to their demise, leaving the god of mummification to deal personally with Eris. After Ammut's death, the newfound shaman priest, Tzekel Khan, take his role over the new spirit torturer, after his defeat in the mortal world.

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