Amethyst (real name Amethyst Facet-5 Cut-8XM) is one of the main characters of the Cartoon Network's television series Steven Universe. A member of the Crystal Gems and one of the last known Gems manufactured on Earth as part of the Gem Homeworld's Kingergaten, Ameythyst is also one of the last surviving Gems who escaped to Earth. After being found by Rose Quartz and the other Crystal Gems, Amethyst helped her friends protect the Earth over the next four millennia, and often aids in the shenanigans of Rosa's son, Steven Universe. A carefree Gem with a laid-back personality, Amethyst tends to good fight, though she shows concern for the well-being of others. She appears in the second Heroes vs. Villains as one of the secondary combatants on the side of good.

Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

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