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Round 1 (First Series)

Round 2

Events for the First War

Part One

Maleficent, her husband Hades and her allies (Dr. Facilier, Shan-yu and Pete) plot to summon a powerful god to aid them, however their meeting is interrupted by infamous rockstar Mok Swagger, who decides to help them out. At the same time he reveals his allies, much to her surprise. Mok's supercomputer also reveals who can help them with their plans much to Maleficent and Mok's joy.

Maleficent has arrived where Omar and his friends are. However instead of fighting them, she decides to lie to telling them that she can predict the future. Will somebody escape Maleficent's clutches or will all of them be controlled?

After their meeting with Maleficent, Pete and Yosemite Sam form their faction as the bully cat sends the cowboy to capture an important person. Yosemite Sam has to capture Princess Minnie for Maleficent and Mok, but first he has to deal with Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

Pete, on the other hand, attacks an old rival of Sam named Bugs Bunny. He may be a strong brute with an army, but Bugs isn't going down so easily.

The sorcerer Rothbart recruits Rasputin in his cause and sends him out to make Odette suffer so that she can marry him. The mad monk, to do this, has to kill King William himself.

The feared lion Scar has discovered that a strange man is flying around Africa, so he hires Kaa to take him out. The snake may know how to hypnotize a prey, but this boy isn't going to let him have the upper coil.

While doing his usual hunting spree, Shere Khan spots a little sheep and decides to devour him, but someone very important for Chirin sacrifices her life to save her son's life.

The nefarious criminal Professor Ratigan has gathered his own faction (composed of his minions, Cat R Waul and Carface) to help him with an ingenious plan of his and for this special occasion, he orders Fidget to go and kidnap someone very important, much to this guy's daughter's horror.

Having successfully escaped Maleficent, Dizzy encounters Bugs Bunny and Daffy as he asks for their help to retrieve back Omar, Angel and Stretch from "the lady who predicts the future". The duo, wanting to know who was behind Pete's attack, decide to aid them.

Mok recruits two new allies to serve his cause.

After Shere Khan's attack, Chirin discovers something very horrible.

The Royal Council (led by King Stephan) has discovered that Princess Minnie has been captured. The King, who kept her in charge and cared for her as a daughter is worried and start thinking that the responsible of Pete and Yosemite Sam's coup is none other than Maleficent. Two new kings join in, encouraging the other members to not give up and fight back.

Son Goku and his friends sense someone coming their way. Who is it? Rothbart.

Wanting to gain more allies for his purposes, Mok brings back Bojack's gang from their imprisonment.

Shere Khan finds Bubu and decides to recruit him to aid his master's faction. If Bubu joins, he will become the Co-Leader of this mysterious faction alongside its current leader.

Part Two

After their defeat against Yosemite Sam, Mickey and Goofy feel sad for letting such a crook get away with ease. However Donald cheers them up by telling them he called a colleague of his, Popeye the Sailor Man to help them in saving Princess Minnie.

Shere Khan introduces Bubu and his minions to his friend, Scar. As they get to know each other, Bubu quickly accepts into aiding Scar as his Co-Leader.

Maleficent was bored out of her mind and thought of battling a hero until two space crooks and their respective minions arrive to help her in her cause. Maleficent, disgusted by Lord Slug's aspect, decides to revert him to his younger form so he could deal with her enemies better than before.

Two famous icons known as Tom and Jerry have learned of the war and they don't know what to do until they meet Robyn and Penny, two little girls who have escaped their horrible family members as they explain what happened. The mouse and the cat then accept to help them get away.

From orders of Maleficent, Turles sets out to cause havoc around the world. He arrives to Gotham City, where the vigilante of Gotham, named Batman, decides to stop him. Does he really think he can stand up to the leader of the Crusher Corps?

In hopes of getting ready for action, Hades decides to help a colleague of his, the goddess of discord Eris, in trying to take out the threat the pirate Sinbad poses. For this battle, Hades requires a special help from a monstrous creature from Tartarus.

While going out for a walk with his son Kimba, Panja is suddenly ambushed by Scar, who has decided to help Bubu in taking over the jungle. Panja may be easily able to defeat the entire hyena army of the lion, however Scar is more prepared than him that's for sure.

Having brought help for his father, Kimba and other jungle animals (including the Pridelanders led by King Mufasa) that were friends of Panja's are saddened to see the jungle's former ruler and swear they will find out who killed Panja. Unbeknownst to them, Scar himself and Kaa watch on.

In the galaxy, precisely on Planet Z, two evil emperors have decided to join forces and have gathered their allies in order to put an end to the Galactic Alliance and its members.

Having heard of Pete's failure in defeating Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam starts mocking him and makes Pete wanna hurt him. However a new player by the name of Izaya Orihara barges in with the intention of joining their alliance much to their fear as they are fully aware of his past actions. Despite some concerns about it, Pete and Yosemite Sam were almost accepting him so he could cause troubles to Mickey and Bugs until Izaya reveals to have also recruited new members to their number. Happy about this event, Pete and Yosemite Sam accept these new faces into their faction.

In the 100 Acre Wood, Owl has discovered not only that Christopher Robin is missing, but also of the ongoing war. For this reason, Pooh and his friends decide to plan something to retrieve Christopher Robin back.

In France, two so called "servants of god" gathered their newly composed faction for a possible war.