Father Alexander Anderson
 Father Alexander Anderson is the Iscariot Organization's secret weapon and expert monster hunter. He appears a one of the antagonists in the Hellsing Anime Series; also playing a secondary role in the Disney vs Non Disney Villains series and the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Pre War: The Lost Sheep

Anderson appears when Enrico Maxwell is brought to his care. Enrico wishes vengeance on Frollo for the murder of his mother. Anderson is only too happy to instruct him.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part 3

Battle with Frollo's Minions

Having invaded Frollo's former base: The Palace of Justice, Anderson is attacked by Frollo's lieutenants: Gaston, Ratcliffe, and Captain Hook. Anderson prepares to fight them, but is quickly caught off guard as Ratcliffe shoots him in the face with his musket. However, as Ratcliffe revels in his victory, Anderson regenerates. Gaston and Hook quickly attack him with their signature weapons, but Anderson unleashes a flurry of blades that sends Hook flying back. As Anderson is able to survive the onslaught, he attempts to finish off his foes. However, Frollo intervenes with his soldiers, leaving Anderson completely outmatched. He is then forced to retreat, using his Bible pages to escape as he swears vengeance.


Anderson then accompanies a now adult Enrico Maxwell to the Vatican where they meet with Frollo to discuss a truce. However, Frollo refuses to do so. As Anderson attempt to attack Frollo, he reveals Hook and his crew of pirates. Outnumbered, Anderson tells Maxwell that he'll cut Frollo into bloody pieces next time they meet.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Expanding Iscariot

Alexander Anderson initially serves as Iscariot's messenger, adding Cortez, the Colonel, Inspector Javert, and Van Pelt to the alliance. When Cortez is later killed by the Homunculus, Envy, Anderson helps his allies repel the assault, working with Van Pelt to track the monster down. Disgusted by the hedonism of the Homunculi and their de facto leader, Wrath, Anderson calls Maxwell. Maxwell tells Anderson to calm himself, as he has a surprise attack planned.

Demon Fighter

While on the hunt for Envy, Anderson picks up the scent of another Homunculus, Greed. He confronts the monster, who tries to kill him using an impenetrable hide. Yet Anderson sees the cracks in Greed's armor and severs his hand. Anderson then hurls a flurry of knives at his foe, leaving several deep cuts. He even manages to impale Greed's throat after it is left open. When some of Greed's goons rush him, Anderson hacks them to pieces. When Greed rushes Anderson in revenge for having his possessions stolen, Anderson fills his torso with knives.

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