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Aku is the extremely powerful demon king and the main antagonist of the animated television series, Samurai Jack. He is a secondary player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War. He is Samurai Jack's arch-nemesis.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Beginnings and Freedom

Aku was born a demon. However, this is only in the literal meaning of the word. Aku was evil to his core, and truly an irredeemable monster among men.

From the time he came to life, he brought chaos upon the world. A deadly samurai known throughout Japan, Aku led a band of warriors that rode throughout Asia, spreading death and despair with every swing of their blades.

It was when Aku found himself in uncharted territory that he found his first defeat. He and his men ran into the territory of the demon king, Shendu, uninvited. Irritated by the mortals, Shendu quickly killed them all, engulfing them in a massive storm of fire. Aku felt his skin burn from his body as he died.

The ruthless warlord's soul descended to Hell, where he was to face an eternity of torture for his crimes. Aku experienced three decades of Hell's greatest punishments.

One day, the Nightmare King, a higher up of Hell's demons, was particularly bored. He felt like having some fun with the souls of the damned, and decided to set up a game. He picked a handful of the most fearsome of Hell's residents, Aku among them, and had them fight in a tournament, the winner of which would get a prize in the form of a second chance at life.

Aku was desperate, he wanted nothing more than to escape Hell. He accepted the Nightmare King's challenge.

The tournament was no cake walk, every other fighter was just as desperate to escape Hell as he was, but Aku cut down all of them. He was the last man standing before the Nightmare King. He had won.

As the Nightmare King began to congratulate Aku, Aku's mind began to stir. This was only a second chance at life. When that was done, he'd simply return to his eternity of torture. Aku stared the Nightmare King in the eye, and refused his prize. He then lunged at the demon.

Aku then decided that rather than live only to die and return again, he'd destroy the Nightmare King and take his place as a high official in Hell. Surprisingly, Aku fought very well, and did a number on the King. But, before Aku could end the battle, the true lord of Hell intervened.

Chernabog was infuriated. The Nightmare King organized this tournmaent without his permission. Chernabog was prepared to severely punish the King, until he saw that Aku did it for him.

Impressed, Chernabog offered Aku a position as one of Hell's demon tormentors, a job he gladly accepted. Chernabog also then demoted the Nightmare King as punishment, which began the King's grudge aganist Chernabog.

Chernabog, as initiation for his new tormentor, used his powers to turn him into a demon spirit. Aku took the form that you see him in today, and happily began his job as one of Hell's tormentors.

A few centuries passed until Aku grew weary of his new occupation. He lusted for Chernabog's throne as Hell's king and challenged him for it. Sadly Aku was no match for the deomn king, who bested Aku and sealed him away in a plant on the surface world. Aku would remain impriosned for centuries. Only a particular dark spell could free him...

Shortly after Eris steals a powerful book of spells from John Silver, she joins her powers with the dark magics of the Incan sorcerer, Tzekel Khan. Together, they free Aku, ready "to once again smite the world as he did in days long past."

Vs Nessus

Though Eris, still furious with Hades, wants Aku to join her in a seige againt the underworld, Aku thinks it far wiser to eliminate Hades' followers one by one. Therefore, he chooses Hades' river guardian, Nessus, as his first target. Aku travels to the Great River and demands that Nessus surrender, but the mighty river guardian laughs at the demon lord. Enraged, Aku injures Nessus with a powerful blast from his eyes, but Nessus does not fall. Aku then transforms into a gorilla, and pummels Nessus into submission.

Vs Typhon

Eris and Aku then put their next part of the plan into action: attacking another of Hades' minions, the Father of all Monsters, Typhon. Aku relishes the chance to "show the world who is master". He confronts the giant creature, and calls forth a powerful burst of lightning. Typhon survives the blow, blasting Aku with dark energy while Aku is busy gloating. This injury only serves to infuriate Aku, who retalliates with a powerful blast, sending Typhon flying against a mountain. Typhon grabs the mountain and attempts to crush his enemy. Aku, however, blasts Typhon's feet, causing the monster to drop the mountain on top of himself, killing him. Aku then delights himself in burning down the nearby villages. When he returns to inform Eris of his success, he meets the alliance's newest ally, Discord.


Aku sends his most trusted disciple, Demongo, to steal souls from the River Styx, in order to build an army that will serve the faction. But Demongo fails, thanks to Pain and Panic and Chaos. Once the minion reports to Aku, the demon lord executes his pleading disciple by crushing him in his fist.

Defeat at the Battle of the Underworld

Aku ultimately joins Eris and her followers in an attack on the Underworld itself. Pain and Panic attack him with a flurry of arrows, but Aku absorbs them, uninjured. He then sends the arrows flying at Hades, but Hades evades and melts them. Enraged, Aku then personally battles Hades. Hades burns a gash in Aku, seemingly defeating him, and leaves him to die. But Aku transforms into a giant scorpion and attacks Hades while the god of the dead gloats. Hades counters, using a salvo of fire to knock Aku from his perch. Aku falls into the pit of Tartarus.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

A New Employer

Spending his time in Tartarus, Aku is suddenly released by Mok, through the sacrifice of the Evil Manta. Aku is more happy to serve him, thus he joins his alliance, after his previous was destroyed by Hades. Later, Aku sends Skulker, also one of the survival members of Eris' alliance, to advertize a combat fight against the "Anti-Acolyte", Yono. He, thus, rallies upon a bunch of bounty hunters to deal with the monkey. When the hunters fail, Aku arrives personally to finish the job. Even though, Yono transforms into a massive stone gollem, Aku takes it easily and destroys the gollem, with a blast of his eye-beams, seemingly killing Yono.

Restoring an Evil Spirit

Later, Aku is confronted the spirit of Wuya. The latter one desires a human body at all cost. Aku agrees, with the term of joining Mok's alliance. The hesitated Wuya then agrees to his offer and Aku is more happy to offer her a human host.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Demon Lord of Darkness

As part of the Four Eastern Demons, Aku meets up with his allies - Tengu Shredder, Wuya, and Shendu - along with their many apprentices. When Chase Young wants a mission, Aku forces him to bring along his personal apprentice, Scorpion. Chase slays his foes, but Scorpion dies in the fray (under mysterious circumstances). Unfortunately for Aku, an attempt to free him goes awry when Rothbart, leader of the sorcerer's society, kills the Foot Mystics. Aku thus sends out Chase Young and Drago to eliminate a member of the sorcerer's society. They only manage to finish off the lieutenants of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Free at Last

Fortunately for Aku, Unalaq manages to free him and the remaining Eastern demons.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Lich

Thousands of eons ago, before humanity or even time itself existed, monsters, demons, and all manner of eldritch creatures ruled the cosmos. One of the oldest and most powerful of them all was the spirit of destruction and death known only as the Lich, a being of pure darkness who ruled over all the others with an iron fist. However, an upstart demon known as Aku chose to rebel against the Lich and usurp his power for himself. Acting on his intentions, Aku launched an attack on the Lich’s lair, where the creature was plotting with his acolytes (two chaotic spirits known as Mirage and Bill Cipher), and openly challenged him. The Lich accepted Aku’s challenge, and the two dueled for supremacy. Although Aku’s power was great, it was no match for the Lich, who quickly gained the upper hand and severely damaged Aku’s body. However, as the two were dueling, Bill Cipher’s treacherous nature began to manifest, as the acolyte saw an opportunity to betray his master and seize power for himself. As the Lich prepared to finsh Aku off, Bill attacked from behind, briefly paralyzing him with magic. Although the Lich was only stunned for a moment, that was long enough for Aku, who completely obliterated the Lich’s body with several thrown fireballs. Impressed, Mirage decided to join Bill, as the two turned on Aku, double-teaming him before he even had the chance to celebrate his victory. The two bombarded Aku with blasts of magic, seemingly destroying him. Recognizing that the Lich was so powerful that the destruction of his body would only be a temporary solution, Bill convinced Mirage to combine their powers and cast a spell that would keep the Lich from ever returning, as long as they were alive to maintain the spell. Now free to do as they pleased, the two went their separate ways. Unbeknownst to them, a piece of Aku's essence survived, and, after floating in space for several hundred eons, landed on Earth.

Vs Mumm-Ra

The next day, Ozai awakened a powerful demon named Aku, and tasked him with defeating Mumm-Ra. Aku, impressed by the mortal's courage and eager to test his own power, agreed, and confronted Mumm-Ra in his temple. Mumm-Ra transformed into his Ever-living form once again, but Aku proved more powerful than the sorcerer expected, and quickly overwhelmed Mumm-Ra, causing him to revert back to his decayed form. Heavily weakened, Mumm-Ra was forced to retreat back into his tomb. Satisfied with his victory, Aku departed, while Ozai looked on in satisfaction.

Teaming with Lord Ozai

Meanwhile, Aku, finally free to “smite the world as [he] did in days long past”, began his quest to regain power, beginning by conquering a small Japanese village.

Vs Him

Meanwhile, continuing his quest for power, Aku decided to take the throne of Hell, which meant overthrowing its current occupant, an androgynous demon known only as Him. Aku went to confront Him, who immediately sent his spider minions to deal with his challenger. Though Aku made quick work of Him’s minions, Him himself proved a more challenging foe, managing to damage Aku with his acid breath. Him then transformed into a giant lobster-like creature with extra heads for arms. Undeterred, Aku transformed into a gorilla, beating Him into submission and depowering him. As Him pleaded for mercy, Aku tossed him into a bottomless void, and took control of Hell.

Vs Skullmaster

In Hell, Aku was enjoying his reign over his new domain. He was not able to enjoy it for long, however, as he was interrupted by the arrival of a powerful sorcerer known as Skullmaster, who challenged him for the throne of Hell. Not wanting to dirty his own hands at the moment, Aku summoned his top minion, Demongo the Soul Collector, and ordered him to destroy the intruder and collect his soul. Skullmaster, however, was thoroughly unimpressed by the demon and mocked him. Demongo, eager to please his master, attacked Skullmaster by throwing a skull projectile at him, only for Skullmaster to block it with his sword. Demongo quickly followed this attack with a blast of magic, stunning the sorcerer. However, Skullmaster merely shrugged off the attack, and retaliated with a powerful spell. The attack greatly weakened Demongo, causing the various souls stored in his body to leave him, thereby draining him of his power. With Demongo reduced to a small withered husk, Skullmaster simply crushed him in his fist. Shocked to see his top minion defeated, Aku decided to step in, knocking Skullmaster to the ground with a pair of thrown fireballs. Realizing that he was outmatched, Skullmaster fled atop his pet dragon, allowing the throne of Hell to remain in Aku’s possession.

Paying a visit to Lord Ozai

Aku, despondent after Demongo's defeat, decided it might be time to start gathering powerful allies in anticipation of other threats he might face. Hoping to gain an ally in the mortal world, Aku decided to pay a visit to the one who first summoned him: Fire Lord Ozai.

In the Fire Nation, Ozai and Azula were shocked to receive a visit from Aku, who offered an official alliance with the Fire Nation. Realizing the usefulness of having a powerful being like Aku on their side, especially given they had faced, the two accepted the demon's offer, much to Aku's delight.

His wish to free his brother

Wanting to expand his ranks, Aku sought out his powerful but estranged brother, Discord, hoping to bring him into his forces. However, he was shocked to discover that Discord had already fallen by someone else's hand during the war. Seeing this, Aku became determined to bring his brother back.  

In the Fire Nation, Aku paid a second visit to Ozai. This time, he requested that Ozai preform a certain task for him as a sign of good faith to seal their alliance.

Zuko brought the statue of Discord to the Fire Nation, where Ozai presented it to Aku. Using his powers, Aku broke the stone prison and freed his brother. At long last, Discord was ready to rejoin the war.

Talking with his brother

Having been freed from his stone prison, Discord was welcomed back to the world of the living by his brother Aku. As the two brothers caught up, Discord discovered just how long he had been gone, and learned that in his absence, another creature of chaos had risen to take his place.

Finally, Discord, observing the events that had taken place in his absence, discovered that his old enemy, Bill Cipher, was still at large. Discord warned Aku about the threat posed by Bill, and Aku, remembering his own history with the dream demon, decided to take measures against him.

Learning of this, Aku sends two of his own assassins, Scaramouche and Shannon, to steal the rift before they can...

n Hell, Aku is pleased to learn of his minions' success. However, Discord convinces him that they will need more support in their war against Bill Cipher, and he summons one of the most powerful spirits in the Pit Of Hate: Samhain.

Vs Cathulu

Wanting to send a message to the world and put an end to Aku's interference in his plans, Bill Cipher enlists the aid of Nergal to summon and take control of an ancient evil entity and send to destroy their rivals. When neither Discord or Samhain is able to stop the creature's rampage, Aku is forced to meet it head on. Will Aku prove powerful enough to defeat Cathulu himself?

Prepare his final attack

With the Fire Nation capital in the hands of the Gems, Ozai and his remaining forces take refuge at Aku's fortress, where the Fire Lord entreats the demon's help. To honor their bargain, Aku summons a comet that, when it passes over in a week’s time, will increase the power of the fire benders tenfold. With this new advantage, Ozai and Azula eagerly begin planning their counter-attack.Having brought his army into this dimension, Bill Cipher seeks to unleash them on the world. However, before he can do so, he finds that Aku has put a barrier around Gravity Falls, trapping his entire army within it’s borders.Fire Lord Ozai holds a meeting of his generals to discuss strategies for their upcoming attack on the Gem/Earth Empire, when Samhain arrives to warn Aku that Bill is about to escape the barrier. Aku and Discord then depart to deal with Bill, forcing Ozai and Azula to proceed with the attack without their support.Meanwhile, Aku raises the armies of Hell to do battle with Bill... The remaining factions prepare their armies for battle, all the while Weirdmaggedon draws closer.


Aku and Discord celebrate their victory and their cemented status as the most powerful beings in the cosmos. or so they think.

Cartoon Villains War-Part Two

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two


Elsewhere, Hades awakens the spirit known as Aku who has also plans to destroy Ash Ketchum and his friends personally.

Hiring some monsters

To bring down Mewtwo for good, Hades and Aku send out the creature known as the Omaddon to do so.Furious of Mewtwo still alive, Hades and Aku bring Mumm-Ra out of his tomb hoping he could beat the rare Pokemon.

Vs Mewtwo Forces

With an amazing army, Hades is now ready to attack Hades once and for all. But as they encounter his island, Mewtwo to found to have super Pokemon clones as his forces as well as Mew. It's going to be a big battle between them and Hades' forces including Aku, Mumm-Ra, Ayam Aghoul, and Mumm-Ra's armies.

Vs Mew

After a knock-out by Ayam Aghoul during the Battle of Mt. Kenya, Mew enters the Underworld to attack Aku, who is guarding the throne while Hades is way. But Mew's already ready for some payback.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Joining Lord Ozai

Aku and Lord Ozai make a deal in order to defeat their foes.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Chernabog

Chernabog wakes up to bring chaos to world, only to stopped by Aku. The two demons had an epic, but one of them must win .Will Chernabog be able to bring chaos to Earth?

Teaming with Lord Ozai

Meanwhile, in The Fire Nation, Aku and Ozai discuss about future plans of war and decide to make team to defeat their foes.

New allies

Aku send Demongo to kill Bill Chiper before he could be a threat for Fire Nation. Demongo tried his best to defeat Bil, but he decide to finally killed him in front of Aku.After the loss of Demongo, Aku freed another demon called Discord to help him in war. Discord accepts

Discussing with Lord Ozai

Lord Ozai decide to reveal his uprising plan to his newest allies, Queen Grimhilde and Aku.

Vs Cassandra and Zhan Tiri

Zhan Tiri and Cassandra decide to steal the last samurai sword in the world, but was found at Aku's dungeon. As a Test, Zhan Tiri puts Cassandra to steal the sword from Aku and Scaramouche. Cassandra easily defeated Scaramouche, but can Cass be able to defeat Aku and steal the sword?

Manuel's Villains War

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)


2 months have passed since the end of the war and Maleficent informs King Koopa (Bowser) that the time has come to go to conquer the 3d world so that their power increases more and more. Having said that Maleficent and Bowser awaken the demon Aku from his long sleep by entrusting him with 3 important tasks: 1. To protect the Forbidden Mountains from forces hostile to them; 2. Create a new alliance at the Forbidden Mountains; 3. Create a portal to reach the 3d world. Aku gladly agrees to help as they awakened him from his long sleep. From this moment the fate of the Forbidden Mountain and the darkness of this world is in Aku's hands.


After becoming master of the Forbidden Mountain, Aku now needs allies who are willing to help him protect Maleficent's fortress from hostile forces. So he decides to summon three terrible witch-sisters: the Trix (Icy, Darcy and Stormy). At first the witches do not completely trust the demon but agree to help him as they too hate Grimhilde as much as Aku.

Vs Shan Yu

The Trix still don't completely trust Aku, so they decide to give him a test. The demon must defeat Shan Yu, a former ally of Grimhilde. If he is defeated, the Trix will have Aku's complete trust.

Teaming with Madam Mim

The Trix were impressed by Aku's success against Shan Yu, so they keep their word: they now have complete faith in the demon. Just at that moment Madam Mim emerges from her, and she is completely healed from the disease that Yzma had transmitted to her two months ago. Mim wants to join with the Trix and Aku to get revenge on Yzma after the humiliation he had in the previous war. Aku and the Trix welcome the newcomer to the alliance.

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two


The Archmage uses his new power to ressurect the powerful demon, Aku.

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

His faction

Aku Hires 2 Succubus to take out the threat of Hades.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament Remake

Non Disney Villains War


In order to prevent a rebellion of gods, Thanatos and Hypnos recruit 2 new allies: Arles of Gemini and Vector. In order to help the alliance, Arles summons an ancient demon from his long slumber. Aku...

Vs Nash/Shark

After Arles' defeat at the hands of Thanos, Thanatos sends Aku to take out Him (now freed from the lamp). However, the demon encounters the Barian Emperor Shark (A.K.A Nash). The Barian Emperor may have some monsters to help him, but can he deal with a deadly demon like Aku or has the demon a sleeve against this villain?

Villains Battles 2


After her defeat against Hades and Eris, Madam Mim summons an ancient being known as Aku to take out Hades and Maleficent and avenge her fallen friends.

All-Star Villains Tournament

Non Disney and Cartoon Network Heroes vs Villains War